Huawei P10 Plus is now available in Malaysia

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Huawei’s current top of the line flagship, the P10 Plus is now on sale in Malaysia starting today. You can get it now at all Huawei Experience Stores throughout Malaysia.

Available only in Dazzling Gold and Graphite Black, the Huawei P10 Plus is officially priced at RM3,099. For Malaysia, it comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage.

Compared to the smaller 5.1″ Huawei P10, the P10 Plus is more than just a bigger screen and a larger battery. The front 5.5″ display is a Quad HD unit while the rear LEICA dual-camera (20MP+12MP) setup gets higher grade SUMMILUX-H lenses with f/1.8 aperture. Meanwhile, the front camera is a 8MP shooter with f/1.9 lens.

Under the hood, the P10 Plus runs on their in-house developed Kirin 960 processor and it gets juiced up by a larger 3,750mAh battery that supports Huawei’s SuperCharge technology. It also gets a dual-SIM slot (supporting 3G on secondary SIM) and it runs on the latest EMUI 5.1 based on Android 7.0.

To recap, the Huawei P10 with 4GB RAM + 64GB storage is priced at RM2,499 while the entry-level P10 Lite with 4GB RAM + 32GB storage is going for RM1,299. Both were available in Malaysia since late March.

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20 Comments for Huawei P10 Plus is now available in Malaysia


Huawei charging more than 3k for a phone.

this is something unthinkable just a couple of years ago.


    Dealers blame the currency…

    Thanks Finance Minister for this,


    Even RM6999 huawei phone people in Malaysia sapu. If you think expensive, you are not earning enough money.


      Expensive is expensive. Worth the price is an entirely different matter. If I charge you RM 10 for a cup of water, you consider it cheap??? I would love to sell you stuff, since you seem to measure expensive based on how much you earn instead of worth.



        Factory workers, designers and Engineers they are all human beings after all. Why pay them differently ?

        The total cost of making a phone should be just the bill of material and plus a little workmanship.

        Don’t charge for IP, design and research since we should be paying all staffs involved the same rate.

        These companies are just sucking blood when a phone cost RM400 to make being sold for RM3000!!

        Get Mi phone instead which is sold at cost. They only make money through other means and who cares !


      It is for niche market especially for collector.

      The fact that the phones were sold out don't mean that the phone is affordable for everyone. It's like saying Ferarri always sold out, so people all around the world must be rich enough to buy Ferrari.

      Be grateful for what you were given and what you have.

Teck wan

Huawei made great phone, but the brand name doesn’t “worth” the price yet in malaysians heart. The people’s will goes for the Samsung for this price. The p10 are good enough if the price are around or just below 2k.


    Yea, all it worth is brand name + spec.

    Huawei < 1k-2k
    Samsung < 3k-4k
    Apple < 4k-5k

    Many wouldn't like to admit but it's true.

    A 10k Huawei still won't related to PREMIUM, at the moment.

    Just choose the one you are into xD No best one, just most suitable one~


Aiyoh, below 2k? No premium feel la

najip ali

doesn't worth the price ?one of the best camera 2017, premium build ,128gb storage, 6gb ram, top processor ,2k display. brand doesn't mean that much today ,also considering our shitty ringgit value today not much we can get for RM2k. a fckin galaxy A series also cost almost 2k with shitty spec.


    Super amoled still the best for video experience…


There is a lot of complain about P10 batttery life doesn't last 1 day for normal use…


    It’s the price and specs that count, not battery life. People don’t compare that side by side.

    We can always have power bank as stand by even though it’s ridiculous years ago but a norm now. Too bad if some had laughed at power bank users in those days


Won’t buy China electronics ever again. Priced like a premium, but things feel cheap overall.


    Yay right when your underwear is also made in China


    iPhone is also made in China


The previous "premium" price of >RM2k for a phone now gone, thanks to our hopeless RM. RM3k really too much to pay for a premium phone.

Love what Huawei did with Mate9 – pair with 4000mah battery, 6" screen, 1080p display but form factor like 5.5". Need phones that last the day (don't tell me about powerbanks), and 1080p display with big battery with premium specs ticks all my feature list!


I got s7 edge 128gb for RM2.9K. Huawei took too long to sell P10 plus.


Rm3099 for a 5.5inch junk?! Use 25% of the price to buy a good enough rm799 redmi note 4 lah, the remaining use to buy a 40inch led tv + home theater system enjoy at home better…Just in case u r less stupid to buy something premium but cheaper than the overly expensive fruit brand phone to become a IdIOS…t



    Instead of owning a BMW, one can opt for Axia and save the money for an apartment.