Hotlink’s Happy Hour gives you free 1GB high-speed data daily

Posted:  April 7, 2017   By:    27 comments   

You can enjoy more free data with Hotlink’s new Happy Hour offering. On top of its current Hotlink Fast Prepaid’s Free 8GB weekend offer, Hotlink subscribers can redeem of 1GB data that’s valid for 1 hour every day. That’s 30GB of extra high-speed data each month.

This Happy Hour offer is applicable to all hotlink customers that subscribes to either a weekly RM10 plan or a monthly plan of at least RM30/month. You can redeem your free data at any time between 7am to 7pm daily and it is usable for all applications on both 3G and 4G networks.

To redeem your free 1GB of high-speed data, you can dial *868# from your phone’s dialler or activate via the Hotlink RED App that’s available on Android and iOS.

More info over at Hotlink’s Mobile Internet Plan page.

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27 Comments for Hotlink’s Happy Hour gives you free 1GB high-speed data daily

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1gb in 1 hour…..???Wait wait wait….1???

Hour???You sure it’s not 1 day?..

What da fck?I have to subscribe for monthly data plan 1st,and use it at working hours??It’s a shxt jokes!!


    IKR! What is this crazy free offer for? I don’t know what to use it for. Maybe to update all my apps, use it for hotspot or maybe download big attachment files. Very silly i tell you.


    So true, just in 1 hour… hope to get most of it… of wait tomorrow to use again.

    Indeed the weird gets weirder !


Taiknya. Kedekut!


    The really kedekut telco is Siao-Com. 10GB FREE Basic Internet at 64kbps? Most webpages can't even load and 10GB FB? A social site filled with nonsensical unproductive contents.

    Bunch of moorons working in there. Who would want to stay up as owls in the early morning hours to surf the internet except lowlifes?


Fyi, for YouTube streaming the new daily 1GB will not be used if you still have the 4GB free YouTube quota.


Can’t claim it. It says not available.


    Must subscribe to mentioned plan on 6th April 2017 onward only eligible for free hour.


Brilliant plan from Hotlink. For poor people like me, it means a lot considering it's additional free value added service. For those who complain, you're missing the biggest advantage from this.

Thank you Maxis.I get to save more now on my utility bills.


Free 30GB High Speed internet Monthly? Why don’t you put free 300GB High Speed internet Monthly for 10GB/10minutes per day instead of 1GB/Hour? all marketing bullshit. Giv me back my 4GB youtube !!!


    Promo is promo. They can change and improve if they want. If you do the math, 30 days x 1GB per hour is more than 4GB for 30 days.


    You sure you want your tiny 4GB Youtube-only access back? You can do an average of 5MB/s(40Mbps) from downloading Youtube videos which means that amount would be depleted in just 13 mins. Don't want general use quota which can be use on any content on the internet?

    Either you're just plain half-witted consumer or just another hired actor from a competing telco.


Did you know that there's a daily option to stack another 1GB and increase the duration to 2 hours for just a mere RM1 giving you 2GB for the day in total with an extended duration of 2 hours? That's more than enough for me to be productive in front of the computer.

For a top up of RM50 a month you can have a max 60GB of general use internet quota. Tell me which telco is this generous? 2GB all day + 8GB Weekend + 30GB Happy Hour + 20GB optional daily RM1 top-up = Whopping 60GB! No competing telco is even close to this.


    How can we do that??


    By reading all your comments here I assume that you are paid by Maxis to do their PR here


stay in malaysia mmg sial!!!


New plan data seriously are waste my time … 1 gb for 1 hour ??? Hahaha … are you kidding me right???


Alhamdulillah, ak dah buat RM50 hinggit, dan sehari aku donlod satu movie, 1gb clear tiap hari. cukup bulan 30GB.. thank maxis..buat la lagi. HOHOHOHOHO! Jangan kasi muka kat hotlink ni, buat data pastikan clear data tu, 10GB RM15 eggit donlod smpai habis data.. besaaaa… mcm sial je hotlink skrg, reward point asyik dapat 550MB ja pi mana habis yg kupon GEMFIVE, ZALORA, TEALIVE SEMUA TU? SIOT JE


Kalau claim pukul 6.55 pm untuk 1gb tu, valid untuk satu jam jugak ke atau just for 5 mins before pukul 7pm?


bodoh gile free 1g for 1 hour from 7pg – 7ptg abah ko time org bekerja x guna la 1g 1 jam ko tu lahanat


after redeem my happy do l know that im using it for .free..when i check my data it was increase lollll


    yup me too..ive already claim it n download an app from play store..but when i check my quota the one that i suscribed subscribed data should not changed bcoz of the free 1GB/1Hour/Day rite?

Maxis taik

This promo is total bu11$hit. Their idea is full of $h1t

Lester Baringtang

Tipu la tak clear ponnn


utk mkluman sgra


Come on la maxis, when you’re giving something for free, do it sincerely…How do we going to utilize your free 1GB during working hours? Think again maxis..


howto change hotlink red to super