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Pebble smartwatches will continue to run for a long time with this new update

You would probably know by now that Pebble is officially dead after its acquisition by Fitbit. As a result, Pebble’s cloud services which are quite dependent on most Pebble users would eventually come to an end.

To ensure that all existing Pebble smartwatches would continue to tick in the foreseeable future, they have just released a new software update which allows you to use your smartwatch independently.

On the latest Pebble app (Version 4.4) for both Android and iOS, Pebble is allowing users to skip the login process which was originally required during the initial setup of a new watch. Additional Pebble apps can be side-loaded and they have also removed the “contact support” button from the official app. The collection of health data to the cloud will be removed but users will get the option to export their health diagnostic data.

However once Pebble’s servers go offline, it is still unclear how these smartwatches would pull the latest weather and handle voice dictation. It is safe to assume that the usability of the watch will be severely limited but at the very least, you could still use it to tell the time and receive basic notifications. Are you still using your Pebble smartwatch? Let us know in the comments below.


Alexander Wong