Galaxy S8: Samsung’s Moment of Truth

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The latest Galaxy S8 and S8+ are now official, and it’s more than just another flagship smartphone. Recovering from the Galaxy Note7 fiasco, the new flagship duo are critical to regain public trust while attempting to set a new benchmark.

The Galaxy S8 comes in two sizes – a 5.8″ model and larger 6.2″ unit. These are the largest displays to be introduced on the Galaxy flagship lineup. Despite the increase in display size, the new duo are smaller in the hands thanks to its bezel-less design with a dual curve display. Like the LG G6, both the Galaxy S8 and S8+ has a wider display but it comes with a taller 18.5:9 aspect ratio. Dubbed as the Infinity Display, the new Quad HD+ (2960×1440) display offer up to 36% more display area for cinematic video and it’s also Mobile HDR Premium certified.

To increase its screen to body ratio, Samsung had removed its iconic home button in favour for virtual on-screen buttons. It’s a bold move and they had tried to emulate the feel of the button by adding haptic feedback just for the home button. The fingerprint sensor is now moved to the rear positioned next to the main camera. For quicker unlocking, the Galaxy S8 now features an Iris scanner which was first introduced with the Note7. Once you’ve set it up, you can unlock with your glasses on and it even works in the dark.

Design-wise, the Galaxy S8 is much refined like the Note7. The metal frame is flush with its glass body and it looks symmetrical from the sides. According to Samsung, they were aiming for a smooth, continuous surface that’s free from buttons and harsh angles on the Galaxy S8. For added protection, it comes with Gorilla Glass 5 for both front and back.

Under the hood, it runs on a 10nm processor that’s mated to 4GB of RAM. Depending on regions, Samsung will utilise either a Snapdragon 835 or their in-house developed Exynos 8895 processors. Storage comes with a minimum of 64GB which can be expanded further via microSD up to 256GB.

For imaging, the Galaxy S8/S8+ will retain the 12MP f/1.7 dual-pixel camera from its predecessor and they have added some minor tweaks to improve its output. Over at the front, the selfie camera is now upgraded to an 8MP f/1.7 auto focus camera with improved facial recognition.

Powering the Galaxy S8 and S8+ is a 3,000mAh and 3,500mAh battery capacity which is similar to its previous flagship models. You can charge quickly via USB Type-C or wirelessly with either a WPC or PMA charger. You still get a headphone jack and Samsung is bundling a new set of earphones tuned by AKG by Harman. Out of the box, it runs on Android 7.0 with their latest TouchWiz UI that supports Always-on display.

Brand new on the Galaxy S8 is Bixby, a personalised digital assistant which can be called upon at a push of a button. According to Samsung, Bixby is always contextually aware and what you could do with touch can also be achieved by voice as well. In the camera app, Bixby can be used to recognise objects and it will recommend reminders base on your daily mobile habits.

To take productivity to the next level, Samsung has also introduced the Samsung DeX. It’s a docking station where it lets you expand your smartphone into a desktop experience. The dock comes with USB, LAN and HDMI ports which you can use to connect your keyboard, mouse and monitor. The dock even has a built-in fan for better cooling.

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be available globally starting 21 April 2017 and Malaysia is expected to be among the first to get it. In terms of colours, both models are offered in Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Arctic Silver, Coral Blue and Maple Gold. Availability of each colour at launch would vary for different markets.

Photos shot on Sony RX100 V

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34 Comments for Galaxy S8: Samsung’s Moment of Truth


In short, they played catch up with Siri and added 3D Touch. Remember when people were dismissing the idea of 3D Touch and asked why couldn’t you just hold the button down? Hopefully Samsung users will understand the meaning of 3D Touch. But this is not all hate. I truly applaud Samsung on the design of the S8. The infinity display is something of an interesting beauty which will definitely attract attention. Even seeing it in pictures makes me want to see how it looks like in real life.

An avid apple fan.


    Playing catch with Siri? LOL. Siri doesnt even come close to what Bixby is.

    Google Assistant is what Bixby comes close to. Quite deluded to think Siri is even close to being a good assistant


      Catch-up as in developing and including their own assistant into their product , not in terms of the assistant’s ability in this context.

      As an Android OEM, Sam could have used Goo Assistant instead and why developing their own raising RnD and product costs ?

      If Bixby has more superior tech, why not contribute and incorporate back into Android Comminity and where’s the spirit of openness ?

      Same goes to SamPay and AndroidPay.

      I just find this contradicting.


        I dont find it contradictory per se, it is more of an individuality matter and option for consumer. On IOS u are stuck with siri while on Android you have options. Plus isnt that what the entire notion of Android is?

        the only contradiction here is you mentioning cost and suggesting them to contribute to the android community so that other lazy phonemakers can benefit from their R&D and their COST. Well, to give back to the community you still incur COST.


          I haven’t tried SamPay or Android Pay but will be stucked if I own a Google Pixel but choose to use SamPay ?

          Or I wish to use Bixby with my HTC ?


        The spirit of openness? There is no such thing as openness in a profit making business. What company would pay huge amount of money just to give their product to the people for free?

        And, even if Bixby and Google Assistant seems the same, you have to understand for these companies they all have different directions for their products. If the case is that they shouldnt develop if any other company has done it, why should Google make Google Assistant? Why not ask Mark Zuckerberg to give his AI for free? Or Microsoft?

        The more companies experiment the more variety there is for the products on the market, which is good for the consumers.

        And lastly, you seemed to miss my point about Siri. Just because Siri can do things using voice commands, doesnt mean it is the same as a voice assistant. It is not a voice assistant


    ikr? 3D Touch during its launched via 6s was mostly gimmicky. Then came in iOS 10, it is more relevant that ever! I myself a heavy user for Siri and 3D Touch. I still am using 6s Plus

    See that is why I like Apple because their old flagships will always be relevant with new iOS updates. Whereas Samsung, with the launch of this S8, S7 last year seems old honestly.


the most important : price !?? didnt even annouce on the unpacked =.=


    They are US$750 and $850 vs S7 $600 and $700 last year.

    I urge everyone help Samsung to recoup their lost last year due to Note 7 by supporting this one.

    The only problem I could see is it's heavily customized Android OS – getting update is all on Samsung's commitment. If they are releasing Note 8 and S9 in another 6 months time, there goes the S7/8 in lelong.


      "I urge everyone help Samsung to recoup their lost last year due to Note 7 by supporting this one."

      You can't be serious? They're not some welfare concern that's dangling off the threads anytime soon buddy… unless I've missed a /s somewhere.


        Ykk is just being sarcastic


i want!!! oh well have to sell of my s7 edge batman edition first…hehe


    i'd rather buy a batman back cover.


will they be repeating the Exploding device ?
how are they going to convince mass market ?


    bitch, please….


Does S8’s card slot support dual sims on standby? This is becoming quite common in most latest flagships.


Still has the 3.5 headphone jack, being practical instead of forcing users like Apple to have another accessory to charge which is costly if you lose it !


Been a Samsung user since NOTE 1 and last NOTE 4 broke down, do not want to spend too much money on new phone, instead got my wife iphone 6 to use first. with heavy emails and calls, nothing beats Android, even though have got use to iphone, iphone still lacks many areas. now its time to get back to Android with these new S8.


the fact that this has gone on to its 8th edition, is a blatant fact of injustice and plagiarism.

Since the first model, the S1, it has always been copying. in case you forget, there was a 132 page slide internal memo that copy feature-for feature what Apple is doing. how’s it a premium product charging so much if it is a copy?


    Bitter ifag cant face the fact that your iphone looks like a cheap bezel slab with no innovation since ip5.


      A few time of stabbing sort of missed it. This round, the final stab into its heart, sure kills Apple.


    Right on point dude. Sammy should have come out a triangular shaped phone instead of a rectangular ones in the market. Then ppl like u can buy it and use as coaster for your Starbucks..


    You mean the court decision that Samsung fought to the supreme court and most likely will succeed in their appeal? You mean that appeal?

    This is what happens when you’re a fanboy who doesnt read


sometimes, I really wonder, what is the monthly income to be able to afford such an expensive smartphone


bring back physical buttons


    bring back the box


28 March


the best phone you can buy now is a refurbished S6 with 1 year warranty from clickasia. know that it lacks microsd card though.
qhd display, fast processor, enough ram, nice screen, supports gear VR, good bright camera. what else could you ask for ?


Wow 5.8inch screen 68mm width chassis..Beautiful future phone, samsung, liked++. Why got plus version no minus version? A smaller 5.2inch like the sony compact size got? and..can i shift the back button to the left side?

    Rory Lee

    Yes you can shift the back button to the left! it's in the settings. This was also the first thing I asked when I saw the software buttons haha.


    samsung back button has always been on the right side. you want to use a samsung or not?!
    you should consider the Sony then.
    is as good as someone asking, can this samsung work like a sony?

HP. enthusiast

In term or security, Samsung S8 is worst than its own predecessor; S7 Edge.
Iris scanner might be new, useful and could overcome underwhelmed feature of fingerprint scanner but it is not the fastest way to unlock the phone.

Fingerprint scanner of this Samsung S8 is not too convenient when we put it on the table or flat surface plus it is located to unfavorable anomalous position.

The rest of the specifications and design of S8 might be able to ‘compensate’ high end users on this lacking part of Samsung S8.


Although it's so slim but it's quite 'long' too..and the fingerprint sensor has shifted to the back (counter copy china phone). If the phone attached with the holder on the car mirror, u can't get the phone on with the front button anymore…


Innovation is all about “boleh” (can) and not about partical.

It does all – iris, face and fingerprint. On papers and slideshow, all ticks. But practical or not with the placement at the back of the phone is a different matter.

Quad HD screen, but disabled by default. It’s there, with options. But don’t complain if battery life shorten after enabling because the battery life specs shown is not for operating it in this mode.

Dual SIM, you lose SD. Plenty of opened choices. Love Sam.

Still waiting for S8 Edge + , the model with more curved screen, dual camera front & back and 4000mAh battery.