Huawei P10 Lite, P10 and P10 Plus are now official in Malaysia

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Huawei Malaysia has officially unveiled its P10 lineup with 3 distinctive models. Apart from the P10 and P10 Plus, Huawei is also introducing the P10 Lite for the Malaysian market.

Huawei P10 Plus

Starting with the highest spec model, the P10 Plus is a 5.5″ flagship smartphone that now comes with a Quad HD display. It runs on Huawei’s in-house developed Kirin 960 processor that’s mated with 6GB of RAM. On-board it comes with 128GB of storage which is expandable with microSD up to 256GB. The key highlight of the P10 Plus is its new dual-camera setup that’s co-engineered with Leica. Similar to the Mate 9, it gets 20MP (monochrome) + 12MP (RGB) sensors that are assisted with Optical Image Stabilisation. In addition, it gets a higher-grade SUMMILUX-H lenses with f/1.8 aperture. For the first time on a smartphone, it also gets an 8MP Leica front camera with a f/1.9 lens.

Powering the P10 Plus is a 3,750mAh battery that can be charged quickly with Huawei’s SuperCharge technology via USB Type-C. The P10 Plus also boasts faster 600Mbps downloads with its built-in 4 antenna design. It’s also a dual-SIM device and the secondary slot can support 3G connectivity for calls/SMS. One of the biggest change for the P10/P10 Plus is its new fingerprint sensor which is now placed at the front underneath its glass panel. Out of the box, it runs on their latest EMUI 5.1 that’s based on Android 7.0.

Huawei P10

Left: P9, Right: P10

The Huawei P10 is a notch smaller with a 5.1″ Full HD display. The hardware and design are pretty much the same as the P10 Plus but it comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. While the main camera has a similar 20MP + 12MP set up with OIS, it uses the older SUMMARIT-H f/2.2 pair of lenses which is used on the current Mate 9 and former P9 series. Since it’s a smaller device, it gets a 3,200mAh battery with SuperCharger technology power adapter included.

Huawei P10 Lite

Also announced is the P10 Lite. Despite being the cheapest of the lot, it gets a slightly bigger 5.2″ display that also does Full HD resolution. Under the hood, it runs on a Kirin 655 processor (similar to the honor 6X) along with 4GB of RAM and a decent 32GB of storage. It’s also a dual-SIM unit supporting microSD expansion up to 128GB extra.

As expected for a “Lite” version, it comes with a single 12MP rear camera and a front-facing 8MP selfie shooter. It also gets a 3,000mAh battery which is pretty decent for its specs. Unlike its bigger siblings, the P10 Lite gets a glass back which also retains a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Availability and pricing

At the moment, all 3 models come in either Prestige Gold or Graphite Black. The Graphite Black gets a matte finish while the Prestige Gold has a hyper diamond-cut treatment at the back. Huawei Malaysia has mentioned that more colour options will be available sometime in May or June.

The P10 series will be open for pre-order starting 23 March and it will be available nationwide on 31 March. Below is the full pricing for the P10 series in Malaysia:

Huawei P10 Lite (4GB RAM + 32GB storage) – RM1,299
Huawei P10 (4GB RAM + 64GB storage) – RM2,499
Huawei P10 Plus (6GB RAM + 128GB storage) – RM3,099

The P10 and P10 Plus cost RM400-500 more than its previous P9 series however you do get an improved camera, more RAM and double the storage than before. What do you think of the Malaysian prices? Let us know in the comments below.

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40 Comments for Huawei P10 Lite, P10 and P10 Plus are now official in Malaysia


I wouldn’t pay that much for in house processor. Very expensive


    Samsung and Apple have their own in house processor. Nobody complaining about price if performance is good. Do research before comment rubbish.


      Samsung has been in the semiconductor business well before manufacturing smartphone.

      They also manufacture Apple’s SoC frim the 1st till the iPhone 6S so their more than capable of manufacturing SoC and processors.

      Huawei on the other hand is relatively a baby in comparison with these giants and shouldn’t be overcharging on their products – it’s gonna be their downfall indeed.

      Looks like you haven’t done any research yourself Kirin fanboy.


        LOL. Huawei’s subsidiary that worked on their chip existed since 90s and they are the biggest SoC designer in China. Research before you talk.


        If you still think processor is the factor for successful phone. Then you are the one not doing the research. I'm 99% sure this is not going to be their downfall. At 2499 and 3099, there is no tough competition for them. Samsung and Iphone definitely gonna be selling above 3099. I don't see anything stopping this p10 to sell in the market.

        Don't tell me about xiaomi or one plus or even Honor. It's known that these are doing way worse than Huawei in Malaysia and will most likely continue in near future.




        Baby or experienced, making their own custom processor cost could more than buying from mediatek and Qualcomm. Did you know that Kirin is also advanced in making 16nm processors? In some tests they are even better than Samsung S7 because they optimise their emui operating system.


          Exynos 8895 is a 10nm FINFET processor.

          I not sure how Kirin is so advanced / pro in making 16nm but 16nm is no longer king.

          10nm king?

          But the phone is so advance that can serve as a grenade, Ka Boom! To the extent Airline need to make announcement to not to being note 7 up before take off hahahahhaha


        Design processor & fabbing is two different thing. Samsung has fab business with its LSI wing, that's why they can fab other processor from fabless company (Apple, Qualcomm, etc). Huawei also fabless company, that's why they're using TSMC for the Kirin.

        Kirin 950 is good design. They are first to use ARM A72 when Qualcomm & Samsung insist to use their custom core. The result is very good & efficient SoC, even beat SD820 & Exynos 8890 in CPU workload. The problem is with GPU where it only use T880MP4 while 8890 use MP12.

        Kirin 960 further improve the design. They're also first to use A73 design (SD835 actually also vanilla A73 with custom interconnect, hence Semi-Custom name) & upgrade the GPU to new Mali -G71MP8. It's a very good SoC, can run neck-to-neck with SD835 & 8895.


          Glad to see some good reply. Not like those above trash talk like they know a lot.


    If you've got no money then u can get nokia 3310.


    960 is a very capable and efficient chipset. But yes, it's still too pricey. Should've been 2099 for P10 and 2499 for the Plus at most.


    i wont get a bomb or an overpriced apple either.. 🙂


Probably the price hike is due to the exchange rate… sigh..


Guys, I was thinking should I buy the iPhone 7 or p10


    definitely the P10


why shift the fingerprint sensor to the back?. I can easily unlock, swipe down for notifications, and browse pictures easily with one hand?.. why why?.. I was hoping that I can slide down facebook pages using the only index finger in any future p10 upgrade.. all gone now!


    i mean to the front


In Europe, the Huawei P10 will cost €649, while the version of the P10 Plus with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM will be priced at €699. The version of the P10 Plus with 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM will be sold for €799. (

So with the current exchange rate RM 4.70 @ Euro 1.00
Huawei P10 €699 x 4.70 = RM 3,050.30
Huawei P10 Plus (4/64 GB) = RM 3,285.30
Huawei P10 Plus (6/128 GB) = RM 3,755.30

What a bargain!!!

Sammy GS7edge (4/128GB) RRP also RM 3,399 lah!!! Discount rm300, also same price with P10 Plus ( 6/128GB) lah!!!


    you can't use Europe prices. for some reason, HP cost more in Europe.


    Europe prices include VAT. Does Malaysian prices include GST?


low class use Huawei, high breed use iPhone


    You sound like my neighbour who thinks he is high class Lexus owner after buying a toyota avanza.


I’ve been using the Huaweei for about six months now and I’ve had no problems with it’s very good phone I used the Samsung Galaxy S2 3 4 and 5 and every single one of them had problems with the battery overheating this one I’ve had none at all so I think things are looking up


Absolutely correct…. Just like how campro engine is downfall for proton, kirin processors is for Huawei… But no worries, tech unsavvy rich folks from developing countries will pay for it and feel proud of themselves.

Grumpy Dad

Huawei, Samsung or Apple. You earn your money, you spend it on what you like! Period.

Neutral guy

I’m using a P9 Plus and after reading reviews that the software is not up to scratch, but so far it’s not that bad. It may not be the best but it’s not terrible for sure. Also, battery life is superb! For the price less than the s7 edge, the p10 plus has much higher ram & storage. Honestly, how many users really can feel the difference between the Kirin processor vs other processors?


The price is a bit steep for Malaysia market. If it is cheaper by 300 – 400, it would be a big sell in Malaysia


    couldnt agree more


nothing against the brand. its the software i cannot accept.


oneplus 3t


please emui is awful


The price is a bit steep for Malaysia market. If it is cheaper by 300 – 400, it would be a big sell in Malaysia

HP. enthusiast

I respect Huawei for being the first manufacturer to be able to sell their smartphone with an attractive prices.

However, since the late 2016, the trend has changed for Huawei. They are now overpriced and it is a shame. No wonder Oppo and Vivo surpasses them in China and eventually on the global stage.

Samsung will using Huawei’s past strategy to punish them by introducing super midrange product or flagship killer with lesser prices.


U all Damm funny


3099 for a China phone? No way!


CHINA Phone cost 3k take tat shit man!

China Man

How dare you say like this? All your country things made from china..later 2019 we conquer your country start from the most south state which is Venezuela. damn you Brazilian..

Lawrence Tan

My sons bought a P10 lite for me six months ago, which I only started to use recently. Very happy to use it, enjoying features that is new to me, like fingerprint unlock screen, video screen recording, etc. Still exploring more features. Thanks Huawei.