Samsung Galaxy X: Is this Samsung’s foldable phone?

One of the bigger smartphone innovations that have been rumoured to hit shelves this year is the foldable smartphone — this idea that you can have a small phone that folds out into a big one. It’s novel and its cool but, based on recent reports that Samsung has trademarked the name Galaxy X, it’s also imminent.

Or is it?

Awhile back, we saw a report by the Korean Herald regarding Samsung and LG’s race to the foldable smartphone — specifically the foldable smartphone that folds in. While rumours of Samsung’s name for their folding smartphone have been thrown around, one reasonably consistent one was that it would be called the Galaxy X.

Now, this trademark filing may have just confirmed that for us.

But, it is important to remember that the name Galaxy X could mean just about anything, as Patently Apple points out, the trademark filed is very general and does not specify a folding smartphone.

GSMArena, on the other hand, does believe that it will be the foldable Galaxy X1 and Galaxy X1+ that they reported on earlier bearing the model numbers SM-X9000 and SM-X9050 respectively.

Either way, this folding smartphone could be the next big thing in smartphone innovation. This year, device manufacturers like LG and possibly Samsung have both gone for the thin and tall device form-factor, which is pretty cool since you get a whole lot of screen in a tiny footprint.

But the folding smartphone is something else altogether. Will it work? I have no idea. But I’m looking forward to it.

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