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Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) review: It’s a good phone, but…



These days, when you think of buying a budget smartphone, Samsung doesn’t really come to mind. For the most part, their more affordable handsets usually seem to provide far less value than an equivalent one from Xiaomi or honor — at least, on paper. And the same could probably be said of Samsung’s new Galaxy A5 (2017) too.

But, we wouldn’t want to just gush over printed specifications now do we? In fact, I think this year’s Galaxy A5 might be the South Korean tech giant’s most successful mid-range handset yet.

Looking at its price and specifications, you could probably do better. A Xiaomi Mi 5, that’s priced at RM1,399 (which is a full-fledged flagship by the way), will come with a flagship-level processor compared to the Galaxy A5’s mid-tier Exynos chip. And the Galaxy A5 also comes with a rather small amount of onboard storage.

But, looking beyond these specs, you see a much more compelling smartphone. It’s got a fantastic build, it’s got excellent battery life and it also comes with a gorgeous Super AMOLED panel up front.

It’s also water resistant. And has fast charging technology. And USB Type-C. All awesome things you’d want in any handset. Then there’s that one big not awesome thing. Something that I think will be a deal-breaker for many buying phones at this price point: Its camera.