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Android 7.1.2 gives the Nexus 5X some new Moves


Nexus 5X users rejoice! In Google‘s latest maintenance update for those on the Android Nougat beta program, the search engine giant bundled a new feature and it’s got something to do with your fingerprint scanner.

This new feature is part of Google’s Moves gesture shortcut that includes gestures like switching between the primary and selfie camera with a double twist, launching the camera with a quick double tap of the power button, as well as the lift to check notifications function.

With the new 7.1.2 maintenance update, Google’s adding one more Move and it will now allow Nexus 5X users to bring down their notification tray with a downward swipe on the fingerprint scanner.

It was a little cheeky of Google to include these new features in what they called an “incremental maintenance updated focused on polishing and refinements”. When these new features made their appearance on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones, Nexus users complained that the company didn’t push the same features onto the Nexus 5X and 6P which sport the same Nexus Imprint fingerprint scanners as the Pixel duo.

Well, now they did but unfortunately, it looks like this update is only hitting the Nexus 5X for now. Our own Nexus 6P in the office has not received any of these updates yet, though we expect this to hit 6P users somewhere down the road.

Own a Nexus 5X and are in the Beta program? Better hit that system updates tab if you want this new feature.