Google Search now works…offline?


Have you ever wanted to Google something only to find out that you don’t have an internet connection? Then, in a huff, you keep your phone back in your pocket and forget all about what you wanted to Google in the first place.

Well, if that’s ever happened to you, the good news is that it’s not going to happen again because Google’s Search will now work offline.

Now, I don’t mean that you’ll be able to get results while you’re offline because that will still require the entirety that is Google in your smartphone. Instead, what you can do with the new function is perform those searches offline.


When you do so, Google will save your queries and queue them up for you. The moment your smartphone gets access to an internet connection, Google will run those searches and deliver the results to you. It’ll even notify you that you have a search result ready.


Of course, this isn’t the most effective solution for times where you need the information at that instant when you’re in the middle of the woods without any connection at all. However, it will be super useful for those times when you’re on a train ride or in the car passing through a location with spotty connection.

It’s also useful for those in the emerging markets or those who live in areas where the internet connection is hit or miss, which is a nifty addition towards Google’s idea of connecting the world.

Google also says that this feature won’t drain your battery any more than Search has in the past, nor will it consume extra data from your internet quota.

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This new feature on is currently live on the Android versions of the Google Search application.