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Here’s why Xpax is the best prepaid hands down

This post is brought to you by Xpax.

Telcos are now giving more internet than before but if you take a closer look, they are often tied with restrictions that would turn you off. Some may only give you more data for the weekends and some may even limit you to specific apps or services that you may not use. Aren’t you tired with all the limitations and restrictive terms in the market?

That’s why Xpax is now offering a simpler prepaid plan that is #NoKelentong. So, what you see is exactly what you get. If you’re unconvinced, here’s a quick rundown of what Xpax has to offer versus the competition.

Get more out from the pack


If you’re a new subscriber, you can pick up an Xpax starter pack for only RM10. It comes with 200MB of high-speed data that has a 7-day validity. By simply staying active, Xpax gives you 10GB of high-speed Facebook access and 10GB of basic internet for free every month. That’s up to 6.3X more internet than what other prepaid has to offer!

More data and More freedom each month


For RM30/month, the all-new Xpax provides you 5GB of high-speed data that you can use 24/7. If you do the math, that’s only RM6 per GB and nobody gives you more data with unrestricted use than Xpax. The closest competitor is Digi Prepaid Live where they offer 3GB for RM28/month, which calculates to RM9.33 per GB. Other telcos may claim to give you more but they are often split for specific apps, weekend only or it’s applicable if you’re on their 4G network.

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When you pay for data, why let your telco decide on what you can do with it? Whether it is Spotify, YouTube, iflix, web browsing or gaming, Xpax lets you utilise your 5GB fully with no restrictions.

More data even on weekly plans


For those who subscribe to weekly data plans, Xpax gives you up to 4X more data. For only RM10/week, you get not 500MB but 2GB of high-speed data! Just like the monthly plan, there’s no restrictions with Xpax and you can enjoy the same freedom each week.

Add-ons made easy

Need more calls or data? Xpax lets you add on from only RM1/day or RM7/week.


Whatever you want to do more, Xpax has you covered. For RM1/day, you can get either 1GB of late night internet/YouTube/Facebook/Basic internet or unlimited phone calls to one number. Unlike other telcos, the unlimited add-on is applicable to all networks. To enjoy even more, the weekly RM7 option gives you 10X of the same thing.

The Choice is Clear

Xpax is the only prepaid that gives you more data and more freedom. You get the biggest free internet out of the pack and the most generous data plans in the industry. Best of all, you can use your prepaid at your own terms without any gimmicky restrictions. If you haven’t already, isn’t it time to switch to the all-new Xpax with #NoKelentong? For more info, check out the all-new Xpax.