Samsung Galaxy Note5 with 64GB goes on sale in Malaysia

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Samsung Malaysia has finally introduced a new Galaxy Note5 option that comes with 64GB of storage. This is the currently the newest Samsung flagship you can buy that has an S Pen stylus.

The Galaxy Note5 64GB goes on sale starting today with the retail price of RM2,399. It’s available in 3 colours – Silver Titanium, Gold Platinum and Black Sapphire. Meanwhile, the smaller 32GB version is currently priced at RM2,199.


To recap on the specs, the Galaxy Note5 comes with a 5.7″ Quad HD Super AMOLED display and it runs on an Exynos 7420 Octa-Core processor that’s mated to 4GB of RAM. The Galaxy Note5 was the first Samsung flagship to have dual-SIM capability in Malaysia. Since it lacks microSD expansion, having a larger 64GB storage would be good news for power users.

In the photography department, it is quite similar with the Galaxy S6/S6 edge as it gets a 16MP f/1.9 main camera with OIS while the front gets a 5MP f/1.9 camera. It also has a 3,000mAh non-removable battery which can be charged wirelessly or fast charged via micro USB cable.

If you don’t need the S Pen and are looking for something newer with more storage, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Black Pearl edition with 128GB storage is also available in Malaysia. It’s going for RM3,399 which is RM300 more than the 32GB version that’s still listed RM3,099.

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20 Comments for Samsung Galaxy Note5 with 64GB goes on sale in Malaysia


2015 tech? No thank you


    tell me, what so intensive enough from a smartphone that you do ? i am still using nexus 5 gloriously with android pay usage, gaming with all the right settings and etc.

    tech is to be use, not to be brag.


      gaming for sure. not the tech that im fuss bout. but the price. 2015 spec with current hw price? can you weigh that logic?


        Note5 original price in 2015 is so much higher than this. You go compare iPhone 6s price.


          IPhone price tak boleh dipersoal bro… mat salleh punya design…..outdated pun tak pa…bayar dan diam saja….. white overlords….LOLZ


          iphone is not so much about spec but user experience.

          iphone 7 runs no better then the 6s for 90% of the time.

        derek law

        Agree, for this price, OP3 is a better bet. Newer tech.


          OP3 is a "buy at your own risk" phone with no real warranty or aftersales support. It is cobbled from off the self technology with no innovation and is not even priced competitively compared to other China made phones. The phone comes with lots of bugs and glitches and is not even optimized to use all its 6GB RAM. Highly not recommended.


      not necessary about intensity or anything… but if I am spending that amount of money today, I think huawei mate 9 will be a better choice in my opinion.


Bring Note 5 with 128gb storage oso la … Wanna dispose old stock do it better and let ppl who wants more storage over 2015 processor hv better value.


They should have made this the standard config, you know.. being no microSD slot and all.


    they wanted to follow iphone style… after all iphone could get away with 16gb without card.


Flagship should have at least 64GB nowadays, but doesn't really matter if it have MicroSD support or users are ready for cloud storage.

Unfortunately, Note 5 is already too late into the game la, people already move back and forth to Note7 and some burned victims are waiting for S8 / Note8/ move to other brand all together. Maybe this is just another strategy to get rid of old parts in the manufacturing plant to make space for S8 / Note8 manufacturing.


If note5 come out with 6gb of ram maybe a bit interesting… Hahahaha just in my dream arrr..

Najib Ros

Samseng company want to clear old stock but still priced at this three years ago amount, end users shouldn’t be fooled by this. Old chip, without extension slot, still dream of selw at this price, better buy fastest phone Huawei mate 9 complete set with tampered glass, high class casing and memory card, rather than this old cock.


why now? should release this in 2015.. grrrr… org lain dah spent utk gadget lain..baru terhegeh2 keluar 64gb..

masa note5 32gb keluar.. mmg minat sgt dengan specs dan features dia… sekali tgk limited to 32gb (belum tolak OS usage lagi).. so burnt it.. angkut note 4 better.. removable SD and battery.. specs ok la bawah sikit dari Note5..

apa la Samsung.. kalau ada 64gb dah lama angkut ni dari Note4

lanjiao lah…


I remember how Samsung Malaysia reply to my email 2 years ago… quote "We won't bring Note 5 64GB to Malaysia since there is less demand for it" and after 2 years???? oh we got 64GB… go gand get it… buzz offf


Old technology still sell so expensive… better buy Mi Mix!!


Too late for Malaysia market. Now we are waiting for release of S8 & Note8.


My ownership of the note 5 turns out to be quite a good one… I owned it since launch day 1 and till now, it is still a "current model" and the flagship phablet from Samsung. Haha… Technlogy moving fast?