Google Drive lets you save 17% if you pay annually


If you rely on Google Drive for your cloud storage needs, they are giving 17% savings if you sign up for an annual plan. The savings is equivalent to 2 months subscription so you are only paying 10-months subscription for a full year.


By default, Google provides 15GB of free storage on Drive. Below are the current pricing for upgraded storage:

100GB – RM8.49/month (RM84.99/year)
1TB – RM42.99/month (RM429.99/year)
10TB – RM429.99/month
20TB – RM859.99/month
30TB – RM1,289.99/month

The annual prepay savings is only applicable for 100GB and 1TB, while the rest are only available with a monthly subscription. For 100GB of storage, the annual plan would cost you just RM7.08/month.


If you have an existing Google Drive subscription, you can switch to the annual option which will be charged in the next billing cycle. To make the change, head over to Google Drive and click on “Upgrade Storage”.