SoyaCincau’s Christmas 2016 Gift Guide

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Logitech K375s Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard

Logitech K375s Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard2

Wireless keyboards may be ten a penny (but worth considerably more in reducing carpal tunnel syndrome and posture issues, if set up correctly) but if you do a lot of typing, you’ll know that having to switch from your keyboard to another — usually touch-screen device — can take a second or two. Banish that cognitive dissonance by requesting a Logitech K375s Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard from Santa Claus this year. Once set up this wireless keyboard can be connected to up to three devices via either or Bluetooth or Logitech’s own Unifying Protocol and their tiny dongles so that, at the press of a button, you can switch from typing on your computer to typing on your mobile device or tablet.

It even comes with a little stand to hold your phone or tablet handy on your desk so that you switch to using it instantly.

Buy Logitech K375s Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard  from RM119

Drivemocion LED Car Sign

Drivemocion LED Car Sign

Often when driving, honking the horn or using.. um… “sign language” isn’t quite enough to convey your true feelings to other drivers. With this circular LED display, you can let other road users know exactly what you think of them. Using a remote control you can trigger a number of messages and emoticons of varying intensity, from the relatively innocent “sorry” and “thnx” all the way to “back off”.

Buy Drivemocion LED Car Sign from RM162

AKG Y50BT Wireless Headphones

Is there anyone in your life who is constantly having to buy new headphones thanks to tangling and damaging the cords all the time? Perhaps a Bluetooth headset might be of help?

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Earlier this year, Cheryl recommended the AKG’s Y50BT on-ear headphones:

All in, we’d definitely recommend the AKG Y50BTs if you want a super fuss-free wireless headset that sounds pretty dang good. It’s comfy, it stores pretty well and last but not least, it’s a very practical headset.

These headphones also come with a huge advantage over many Bluetooth headphones; if the intended recipient (or yourself) can be trusted with cables for short periods of time then the headset can be used as a normal wired headphones when the battery is drained (a constant source of personal frustration is that my own Plantronic Back Beat Go 2’s become a rather lacklustre necklace once their power runs out).

Buy AKG Y50BT Wireless Headphones from RM699

Samsung Gear Fit 2


For the Android phone owning fitness freak, and no longer just the Samsung phone owning one, according to Cheryl’s review earlier in the year “At RM699 you probably won’t find many fitness bands that come cheaper than the Gear Fit2”.

With its own GPS tracker, 4GB of internal storage for music, the ability to stream audio to any Bluetooth connected device along with all the regular features expected of a fitness tracker, the Gear Fit2 is a stylish, comfortable choice for the athlete who wants to go phone free when exercising.

Just make sure that whoever you are buying for has an Android phone running Android 4.4 or above. If they’re a fan of Spotify they’ll also need to keep their phone close and engage in some minor hacking to get it working on the Gear Fit2 outside of the US.

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Buy Samsung Gear Fit2 at Samsung Malaysia stores and online from RM699

Moleskine Smart Writing Set


Are you buying a present for a prolific doodler? Are they always complaining about losing their most precious thought and notes? Rather than getting them yet another Moleskine notebook that they’ll fill and eventually lose, this smart moleskin set electronically tracks where the pen is on the surface of the page and transfers notes and drawing to a phone app in real time. Now they can lose notes in “the cloud” instead of around their desk!

Buy Moleskine Smart Writing Set  from RM1,150


How happy are you with the quality of videos you shoot on your phone? Are you giving your friends and family constant headaches by making them watch all the video you’ve shot “guerrilla style” i.e. the action is super shaky?

With the OSMO Mobile, you can bid farewell to shake and nausea as the Osmo acts as a mini camera stabiliser, smoothing out your action. More than just a gimbal, the Osmo can be used as an advanced selfie stick, syncing with phones via Bluetooth to keep you in the picture as well as offer dedicated buttons for recording and changing settings.

Buy OSMO Mobile from RM1,188

Samsung Gear 360

Virtual Reality may not be within everyone’s reach just yet, but photographers who don’t want to get left behind in the VR stampede,  this golf ball sized (and shaped) 360 camera is perfect for capturing full 360-video. Able to record your entire surroundings and stitch them together into a beautiful 360-degree 3840 x 1920 30fps video.

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This should only go on your Christmas list if the intended recipient has a Samsung Galaxy phone though. All the cool features like using your phone as a viewfinder, controlling the timer and other useful settings are only available on the Samsung Galaxy line of phones. Other types of phones, even other android versions, are out of luck.

Buy at Samsung Stores and online here from RM1,299

GoPro Hero 5 & Hero 5 Session

Whether you are into film-making or not, everyone these days has, or needs, a GoPro. The most recent version, the Hero 5 is available from around RM2000, with the even smaller Hero 5 Session, retailing from around RM1500, once you factor in the cool accessories you’ll need. Both are waterproof, support 4K recording and are small enough to fit into a handbag or headband. Perfect for capturing special moments, holiday videos or documenting any reckless antics where a larger camera would be more of a burden.

Buy GoPro HERO5 from RM1,849

Buy GoPro HERO5 Session from RM1,368