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The Apple AirPods are now on sale in Malaysia


After months of delay, the Apple AirPods are finally on sale just in time for the Christmas holidays. If you got an iPhone 7 and want to live courageously, this should be on top of your shopping list.


The AirPods are meant to be the most elegant way of listening to music while on the go. On a single charge, the AirPods can last up to 5 hours. It will charge itself when stowed in a charging case that looks like a dental floss. The rechargeable case has enough juice to provide more than 24 hours of battery life while a quick 15 minutes charge is enough to replenish the AirPods with 3 hours of battery life.

The built-in W1 chip helps to preserve power while maintaining a reliable connection at all times. It is able to provide high-quality AAC audio and you can use it as a bluetooth headset to answer calls.

Pairing is easy with a single-tap set up and they are automatically connected the moment you take it out from the case and it will only start playing your music if it’s in your ear. On both ends, the part that sticks out doubles up as a microphone which also helps to cancel external noise. Being a wireless device, it will automatically connect to your other Apple products including your Apple Watch, Mac and iPad.


The Apple AirPods is officially priced at RM849 in Malaysia. If you place your orders now, you should be able to receive it before Christmas day. To place your orders, head over to the Malaysian Apple Online Store.

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Alexander Wong