Samsung Pay Beta goes live in Malaysia

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After seeing Maybank Pay and CIMB Pay, Samsung Pay is finally rolling out in Malaysia. It isn’t officially launched yet but Samsung has commenced Beta trials in partnership with Maybank. With Samsung Pay, you can make debit/credit card payments using your Galaxy smartphone.


For now, only Maybank Visa Credit, Debit or Prepaid Card are supported. Unlike other mobile payment systems, Samsung Pay uses both NFC and MST. With MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission), you can use it on older credit/debit card terminals as it can emulate a physical card being swiped on the magnetic stripe reader.

According to Maybank, Samsung Pay is compatible with the following models:

Galaxy S6 edge+
Galaxy S7
Galaxy S7 edge
Galaxy Note 5
Galaxy A7(2016)
Galaxy A5(2016)

Setting Up and using Samsung Pay

If you’re interested, you’ll need to register yourself to join the Samsung Pay Beta Test program. An email will be sent to you within 10 days if your registration is successful. They are still accepting new registrations until 16 December 2016.

To set up Samsung Pay, you would need to do the following:

1. Update your OS to the latest android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
2. Check that your mobile is logged into your Samsung Account
(Go to Settings > Accounts >Samsung Account)
3. Click on the Samsung Pay icon
4. Tap INSTALL to download and install Samsung Pay
5. Assign your PIN and fingerprint as the verification method
6. Touch ADD CARD to enroll your Maybank Visa Card(s)
7. Align Maybank Visa Card inside the frame to automatically detect the card number and expiry date
(Note: Touch Enter Card Manually if the card information cannot be detected)
8. Enter the remaining information and touch NEXT
9. Review the terms and conditions and then touch AGREE TO ALL
10. Select a method to authenticate your identity via SMS (one-time password, OTP)
11. Enter the OTP and touch SUBMIT
12. Sign within the blue box and touch SAVE
13. Touch DONE to complete setup


To make payments, just swipe up on the home screen and authenticate using your fingerprint or PIN number. After that, just tap your phone to proceed with payment. For older terminals, you’ll need to tap the back of your phone on the side of the card reader. You can learn more over here.

Maybank is also having a promotion for Samsung Pay Beta transactions. Between 12 December 2016 and 11 February 2017, 500 lucky Samsung Pay users will get RM100 Cash back. You’ll get an entry with every RM500 accumulative spending using Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay can be used globally and you can use it as long as your card is authorised for overseas use. It is available in South Korea, United States, China, Spain, Australia, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Brazil and Russia. For more information, head over to the Samsung Pay page.

Thanks @IchigoWie for the tip!

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14 Comments for Samsung Pay Beta goes live in Malaysia

Curious Inquirer

Cool, cool, cool. Now I would desperately want Android here to use with my non-Samsung.

    Curious Inquirer

    Android Pay*


Cilaka Samsung, phasing out S6 just like that.


    Oh man, it sucks when similarly released S6e Plus and Note 5 get Pay beta but my 3k++ S6e is not supported.


    why dont you try signup, maybe can still install and use it.


      Won’t be able to use. Why? Because samsung sucks. They want to outdo Apple, thus implemented MST. This would let them work with existing magnetic machine which would make them compatible, instead being like Apple who only uses NFC. However this move result in S6 and S6e being left out later because they do not have the MST hardware.


        Don’t worry. Your phone still can use android pay when it is launched in malaysia


        Actually gs6 and s6e does have the mst. First versions of Samsung pay was open to gs6 overseas.


        calm down.. this is beta version. Wait for the full version, it will cover more phone.

Jas Ramly

I’ve used SamsungPay on my Gear S2 smart watch, paired with my Galaxy S6 since 13th December 2016 and so far haven’t encountered any problem…although installing/updating the SamaungPay app takes a few tries. Gear S2 doesn’t have MST so I can only use at Visa Paywave terminals.

    Jas Ramly

    Actually I’m using Samsung Galaxy S4….sorry for the typo


    How u install spay to Gear s2
    I have both and neither have the spay apps install


      Pembohong tu
      jgn pecaya sgt
      even in US they just started spay beta for s2


Get a Gear S3 you can use Samsung Pay on any Android Phones with OS 4.4 and above. Using Samsung Pay on my Sony XEPRIA Z2