Nokia is making a comeback in early 2017

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Nokia is back and they will be introducing their new smartphones in 2017. The iconic mobile company was acquired by Microsoft in 2014 and eventually the name was taken off from its Lumia smartphone lineup in favour of Microsoft.

Along the way, the parent Nokia company had tried to re-enter the device business by introducing the Nokia N1 tablet. There were rumours that Nokia would eventually introduce a smartphone but that didn’t happen.


The Nokia brand will be making an appearance once again with a new Finnish set up led by veteran Nokia executives. HMD Global, created 6 months ago will be the new torchbearer and it aims to introduce new Android-powered Nokia smartphones in the first half of 2017.

Licensing the Nokia brand for 10 years, HMD will be introducing new devices with the help of FIH Mobile Limited (Foxconn) as their manufacturing partner. Competition is already tight among the Android players and HMD believes that it has the edge with Nokia’s brand and management experience. Its CEO, Arto Nummela aims for Nokia to be a key competitive player and they believe they could capture market share quickly in emerging markets such as India, Indonesia and Russia.

Nokia now has a “Phone” section on their website and they have just created their new Facebook page. Are you looking forward to Nokia as your next smartphone? Let us know in the comments below.

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15 Comments for Nokia is making a comeback in early 2017



And people expecting it to be the same Nokia?


Old execs making new phone using old brand. They say they focus on emerging markets so don’t expect any Samsung or apple killer. Good luck competing with Honor, Xiaomi, Alcatel Flash, wiko and ZTE.

Derek Law

Nokia's biggest mistake was hiring Stephen Elop as CEO. The man had no vision for the telco industry and was merely employing the traditional 'slash and burn' strategy of brick and mortar MNC.

Same thing with Microsoft, even their CEO says that he does not believe with being obsessed with the smartphone and believes that family time must exclude the smartphone.

with that type of mentality and passion, how could it be possible for Microsoft to design an iPhone killer or even an Adroid killer.


R.I.P. again NOKIA.


"Are you looking forward to Nokia as your next smartphone?"

lol, nope.

Own a Lumia 1520 for 2 years or so. Unless they could impress me with their new offerings for 2-3 years consecutively, otherwise no way in hell am I going to buy one of their devices again.


    lumia is impressive hardware wise, but not software?


Hurry up Nokia… I can't wait!


    Yeap ! Will buy on if it price right.


they were the first one (i think) that introduced usb-otg
they still have strong presence in europe


only no brainers are willing to wait for Nokia to come up with anything good


wow.. i tot only got iFag haters… not got Nokia haters as well…

its like kacang lupakan kulit.. last time ALL OF YOU GUYS OWNED a Nokia… at least 90% of us here..


NOW got Nokia haters as well**



If the price is good, I believe Nokia will success again because they chosen the right OS this time.
Look out ip & sammy … !


    ur kidding right?

William Chew

nokia market domination….back in 90s and early 2k.