Xiaomi Mi MIX review: Bonkers, in the best way possible

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A ‘concept phone’. Those were the words I heard when Xiaomi unveiled the Mi MIX — something I thought they wouldn’t sell because that’s what the term ‘concept’ usually means. Then the presentation continued and my jaw hit the floor.

Wait, they’re going to sell it?!

If you forget the ‘concept’ label and think about it, it’s not that hard to believe. It’s got a standard flagship processor with RAM, internal storage, and a regular battery. It’s not powered by harvested unicorn tears. It’s still a smartphone with a camera at the back and a camera in front for selfies. It’s got buttons too!

Then you really think about it. It doesn’t have an earpiece. It has an absolutely humongous screen that is basically — wait for it — bezel-less. The front camera is a tiny little spec at the bottom where it’s easily blocked by your palm. And it’s made entirely out of ceramic which is as slippery as a fish out of water.

Is it really a smartphone then? Should Xiaomi have put it on sale at all or left it as a proof of concept? Well, that’s what I spent the past few days finding out.

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12 Comments for Xiaomi Mi MIX review: Bonkers, in the best way possible


A lambo? Come on, Xiaomi is more like a rebadged Naza


this reviewer is so ecstatic on a "bezelless" China phone?
in China there are scores of such phones.
try googling!
obviously Mi Mix doesn't make the cut coz they don't even have palm rejection tech.
how to hold the phone.
don't sell la.
get things right first before bragging.
as for the reviewer, so sad


    mi mix 2.5D glass need palm rejection tech?!

    or u mean the mi note2? @@


    You are sad. What other Chinese phone is there? The only one that comes close is the Sharp model released. No I am not telling you which model.
    Just because it’s not an iPhone, you are here spouting nonsense again. Go play your iPhone and shut up.no one wants to hear your useless bullshit. If removing the headphone jack is courage, tell me, what is this?
    P.s. Motorola dumped the headphone jack first for a damn sexy slim and modular phone. Is that courage?


Give credit when credit is due – soyacincau's done a good job reviewing this phone, and who's heard of "other bezelless phones" ? Can you buy it here without jumping through hoops?


    I agree with you to give credit when is due. But not in this case. Just which part of it is fantastic?

    A good 30% of the texts talked about concept cars and Lambos, another 30% quoting from a spec sheet.
    Then some supposedly reviews but has nothing much to substantiate. Just say the camera is good or not impressive…duh. With no comparative proof of anything to give you a sense of where this phone actually sits.
    After reading it, I don't remotely have a clue or help me in anyway to draw a conclusion whether this phone is for me (or not). I can't even figure out the size, it says 6.4inch screen, but is it because it's a much bigger phone? or is it because it is bezeless? Or both? How does it fit in a pocket??
    The only area that's informative was the battery life.

    And the conclusion is that "this makes me drool more than my dog, hence is a great phone". Well, if the author is someone famous like Tom Cruise, maybe it will be a good enough reason. But judging by the last selfie, I doubt that justification will be enough.


      Everything is contextual…it’s a concept phone, released in limited quantity, the author is explaining to you that this is not a mass released phone. So the camera, soc and etc doesn’t matter.if you want to buy this phone
      , it’s solely for the bezel-less concept. Again., as the author said, this is not a practical phone for non geeks. 6.4 ” means 6.4″ screen.what part of it you don’t understand?


        6.4" is the screen size, not the phone size.
        A typical 6.4" phone would be not pocketable, but i have no sense of whether how mobile is this phone, since it is bezel less.

        "It is a concept phone, it is bezel-less" hence it doesn't have to be compared with anything else?
        That context isn't what I was looking for. Why is all the important factors about buying a phone suddenly doesn't apply to this model, just because it is carrying a tag "conceptual"? This is really not the same idea as a concept car….

        And the author praised the design so much but omitted the important fact that it is actually a design outcome of Philip Starck. Now, that brand could potentially change the "contextual" by alot. Because then, the premium is paid for a well know design house. Much like how we paid a premium for Porsche designed pieces. This goes a long way to justify the phone without looking too close at the spec. Is the design you are buying.

        Not many people can relate if the author is the one that says the design is awesome. Because his words doesn't carry as much weight. When Philip Starck says it, is different. So if he wants to sell the design as the core value of the phone, put it in a proper "context".


          6.4″ is huge. Just look at the photo. If you want precise, you can always google the spec sheet. No need to quote extra information that is already public.

          “When Philip Starck says it, is different”. Of course it is different. He designed the phone and he won’t say his design sucks right? Trump says his steaks are the greatest in the world.

          Not all Audi car reviews have to mention Peter schreyer and you don’t see iPhone 7 reviewers sing praise to Johnathan Ive. Are we reading a phone review or a designer review?


          Looks like I am the only one who doesn't quite this the review is good enough.
          My bad. Apologies to Rory.

          p..s. everything else is available in google, including what I perceived as a better review. Why then do I come here? If I still need supplementary stuff from other place… And since the selling point according to the author, is the design and design only, perhaps who design it becomes more relevant? No? sorry again then.


c'mon… who's that gal… =P


I think this would be a good start for Xiaomi, to me this is quite one of a kind. I don't like to compare much to other brands but to me this phone is one of a kind. And looks positively stunning, it's not "YET" a practical phone but who knows what the future holds.