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Samsung Gear IconX review: These ears are made for running



What do you get when you take an audio device, give it touch controls, make it as small as humanly possible and stick some fitness tracking functions on it? The Samsung Gear IconX.

The Samsung IconX is, in essence, Samsung’s attempt to cut the cord and make a rather futuristic pair of earbuds that is a step into a compact, yet wire-free future for fitness devices. You could compare it to say, Apple’s Airpods, but it’s quite different in its own right, in not just form but function. It’s just as much a fitness device as it is a set of earphones.



The IconX is pretty tiny as far as earbuds go. They’re about the size of a 20 sen coin and features three sizes of earbuds and rubber wings to keep them wedged in snug.

In terms of looks, they may not sport the same sleek looks as Apple’s Airpods, but for what they lack in sexiness they make up in size and function. These earbuds don’t only house their own internal storage of 4GB, they’re also home to an accelerometer and a heart rate sensor.

Considering how small the earbuds are, they could have a tendency to get lost if you don’t carry the case around with you at all times, so you’ll have to be aware of that.

You also get a small storage case that also acts as its battery charging dock and a battery case of sorts, which you use to charge the IconX. The front has two LED indicators that will tell you the state of each earpiece, showing green when it is full and red when it’s charging. This case, in turn, is charged via a microUSB slot at the rear which has its own power indicator.

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This is also the method which you transfer your music from your computer to the unit’s internal storage. Each earpiece has 4GB each, with about 3.5GB usable storage, though it’s stated that you cannot store more than 1,000 songs as any additional music would not be detected.

Also, if you want to listen to the stored music, make sure that both earpieces are loaded with the same songs, else, it will only play from one side. If you’re too lazy to do it manually, the IconX PC Manager will handle it for you.