Official iPhone 7 Malaysian pricing revealed |

Official iPhone 7 Malaysian pricing revealed

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In case you missed it, the iPhone 7 is officially coming to Malaysia on Friday, 14th October. To secure your unit early, pre-orders will be available starting 7th October from our local telcos.

If you’re wondering about the price, authorised reseller Machines has just revealed the iPhone 7/7 Plus pricing on its online store.


Similar to what we’ve seen from GEMFIVE, the iPhone 7 starts from RM3,199 while the iPhone 7 Plus is priced from RM3,799. If you’re going for the base model, Apple is now offering a minimum of 32GB which is double the previous 16GB offering. Both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus comes in silver, gold, rose gold and black, plus a glossy jet black version which is available only with 128GB and 256GB storage options. If you prefer to get it on contract, you can sign up on a plan with the big 4 telcos- Celcom, Digi, Maxis and U Mobile.

UPDATE: Malaysian iPhone 7 telco plans compared. Read about it here.

The previous iPhone 6s and 6s Plus had recently gotten a price cut where you can get them from RM2,699 (32GB) and RM3,199 (32GB) respectively. Both gets a similar 3D touched-enabled display as the iPhone 7 while under the hood is powered by capable A9 chip. For the price of a 32GB iPhone 7, you can get a 128GB iPhone 6s which still has a headphone jack. Of course, you’ll lose out on the camera OIS capabilities which is now included on the iPhone 7. The lower capacity 16GB iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are still available while stocks last but it’s just too little for today’s standards.

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Prefer a smaller iPhone with a 4.0″ screen? The iPhone SE with 64GB storage can be yours for RM2,199. While it looks like an older iPhone 5S, it has the same A9 processor and 4K video capable 12MP main camera as the iPhone 6s.

Thanks Eiji Hassan for the tip!


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113 Comments for Official iPhone 7 Malaysian pricing revealed


what is the different between this 2 models A1778 and A1784?


    iPhone 7
    Model A1778

    iPhone 7 Plus
    Model A1784


Price still almost the same with a modenas scooter.


I just cant justify Apple's hardware pricing anymore. For below RM 2000 I can get an Android phone with 2k screen, front facing speakers, SD 820, bigger battery, and even a headphone (cant believe this is now a feature).

For RM 3200 I can get a Note 7 with Spen, Iris scanner, wireless charging, bigger battery, best phone display on the market, sd card, and an even better water resistance.

For RM 3800, if all you can offer me is an incremental upgrade over the 6s or even the 6, you are damn overpriced Apple


    kamping user like you only know numbers, high resolution= best, octa/ hexa core? one is 8 another one is 16, so i guess the more is better, then hexa= best, battery mah higher right? AWW best, aiya xde headphone? jialat la, but dint know apple do provide a 3.5mm headphone jack & still with earphone. water resistance IP68/ IP67, eh i think 8>7 more geng la, so IP68 good. go checkout the ip7 vs so called ip68 samsung phone.

    i also dont understand what people would spend rm3200 for a bomb, maybe its cheaper than a real bomb, i dont know.


      *headphone jack adapter


      higher spec doesn't matter eh? no wonder iSheeple is so dumb and uneducated swine these days. You what made you'll more loser? still blame for Samshit bomb thingy


        inborn bodo kambing like u never understand optimisation, checkout the fact that how ip 'low' spec beats so called high spec. another stupid katak think himself very educated.


      ip7 explode too


      Much butthurt, such dumb…

Khir Toyo

When you said it is unjustified price tag for this i , those ifag sure attack you personally, just like ifag call swan, Ted etc will tell you never use i brand before do not understand it’s super phone, keep on attack person, really felt disgusted with those faggot, maggot eat shit, think shit and talk bullshit, never understand what is value for money. If use i brand, most probably required another i brand to perform it’s usage satisfactory. Since its built limitations, unable support dual sim, so must be another i brand if have two number which Android can overcome. i brand chip limitations unable support external storage, again Android can perform. i brand cannot perform multiple task simultaneously all day long due to stingy low RAM and low capacity battery, again Android can last longer with generous RAM. Few years ago fast charging wireless charging invented,. but not i brand, it’s Android. Etc etc, when one has Android phone, everything can perform just with one phone. If want huge storage can extend to 2gb, basically just like carry a laptop. About price, Android is people phone, all affordable from entry level to premium like P9 plus, but price still far more lower than i brand. Global sale, Huewei top the list. About branding, rotten Apple no longer a premium brand. Just i watch also cost 4k, but still need keep on charging the watch due to low power battery etc. Again, ifag will start attack this comments.


    calling people ifag, faggot, maggot eat shit isn't attacking people? inborn stupid people do not have self- realisation. told you, you need a better brain to think, its life changing, if you dont get the main point, everything will just go wrong, just like bullshits you're talking right now. why stupid like you wont listen and make the world chaos.


      because they think bigger is better, without taking into consideration about EFFICIENCY and do not understand what OPTIMISATION means.


        definitely, i always LOL at bodo kamping saying iphone has low ram and blablabla, they dont get the point that IOS is different from Android, IOS do no need octa hexa core, 16 gb ram to support the system in order to run smoothly, i bet they dont even know that apple's chip always beat the so-called 8,16 core 16gb bullshits, also search youtube how A10 fusion chip with merely 2gb ram in ip7 kick all others asses.

        and why do iPhone got to have dual sim, wireless charging, curve screen all these gimmicks? so BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari need to have all features that any other car has then only considered as good, perfect and what it is as a car? these kamping mcm having toyota/honda/perodua/hyundai car then claim that stupid expensive BMW mercedes Ferrari do not has the specific features as their car, those who buy never understand the value of money. really cant understand that level of stupidity. inborn bodo kamping. somemore got 4 ppl like, 5 all sama2 SH.


          Everyone is to entitled to their own opinion and not everyone can afford the hefty price tag of an iphone. So if you didn't start replying to "realistic" this debate won't even happen.


          then don't blindly say shits about things that you cant afford. i am not rich, only change my phone once in 2-3 years, rm3k + for a phone which can last 3 years yet gv me least problem thats what i want, rather buying low end phone and need to change it every year. someone just got to admit they dont know the value of a certain brand, just blindly say shits, thats all inborn stupid kambing know inside their tiny little brain


          shit pariah swan hitam, otak pun kecil


          i dont really understand… its a phone… its 5k…so? most people buy it on installment or through subsidy. and why are you comparing a 5k phone to a 500k car? its different… you hold a iphone, so? so does the millions of people out there. same with android. people wont stare in awe if you hold a phone but if you drive a ferrari, its different story… y compare? its just a phone. use it and be happy… why scold here and there?


          its concept, am not comparing 5k phone to 500k car just like this oh my god, i am done here, enough with bodo kambing, that level of stupidity gv me cancer. pls stay at ur current level, bye.


          the level of stupidity that gave you cancer starts with your broken English.


          oooh, stupidity gives cancer!! wow, i learn something new today…


          i rather hv broken english rather than ur inborn stupid brain.


          omg you dont know that? you should feel glad that you met me, just telling u shouldnt go to hospital, go back to kindergarten will do.


          patiah swan pergi jer hospital sekarang, jangan disturb sini


          pariah hitam swan, jangan pakai nama swan, affect real swan image


          stupid Apple cocksucker keep defending Apple shit. Next year or two sure apple did the same thing and these iSheeple call it innovation but charge 1000% more than it should. InnoBASI sangat


          only joker like u would say its innovative which apple itself and ifans dint really say it.


      you're the one who calling people kambing and katak too and somehow u mad buttthurt at them. please go die lah swan


        what to do, in real life if teacher see stupid kia like u, he/she would still take care of u. you go first i follow you


      lu memang maggot pariah swan


    IPhone don’t do wireless charging cost they don’t want pay for the pat right. Since that pat not Thiers ofc they don’t want pay. Same shit with the jack the remove , revelation my ass la they just don’t suka the jack cos not making money out of it baru change new stu ff to milk money out of it.


      bodo kamping, if they want to remove the headphone jack in order to make money, then they wouldnt gift you the 3.5mm headphone jack adapter together with ur phone. guna otak sikit blh x, jgn suka hati komen je dgn kebodohan ni.


        Ifag from kampung owai. Pls stay in our kampung don’t come out.
        For any company that want to manufacture the adaptor need to pay apple for the pattern fee.
        U kampong ppl really think apple cannot fit wireless charging ? They just don’t want let other ppl pattern profit from it


          katak pls stay in ur tempurung then, why the f would you like to buy an extra adapter if you already have one? and you think china would give a shit about the pattern fee and not producing counterfeit adapter? and u think bodo kambing like u will buy original one if broken?

          of course i know apple is capable of doing that, they even can do the 3d touch tech, why not? just merely that stupid reason they dont want to do wireless charging? do u know apple is doing more than that? google it kid

          'Unlike current inductive wireless charging solutions on the market that require devices to rest on a charging mat, Energous’ WattUp tech can charge devices from up to 15ft away using a transmitter and receiver.'

          no u dont know, all u know is outdated shit facts from ur little brain.


          hahaha… yes, the phone will then sell for 6k and another 2k for the charging base. be happy and pay apple for making your life boxed into an iphone.


          Wow who is the katak now ??
          Sony pattern that one 5 yr ago, I forgot replacing audio jack with adaptor is big break through for apple tech
          Clap clap clap


          i cant handle bodo kambing no more, manyak scare get influenced by u, u win, clap for ur future with ur pariah brain.


          pariah swan, lu pariah standard sila out, not welcome here


        swan dont know how lightning adapter licensing work. only know when apple provide that shiity dongle, they know what they are doing. swan betol pon takdak bodo macam swan nih


        bodoh apple pen, komen juga bodoh, langsung tak ada asas pengetahuan, otak masuk angin bodoh swan hitam, semua tipu jer

    A. Fatagar

    all i can say is that i used the iphone 6 since december 2014 and there has been no problem with it what so ever, and the screen cracked recently (less than a week ago) and i only paid rm700 for a new one as a replacement which is a good thing. The thing is, why do people buy louis vuitton or prada when h&m and zara makes the same stuff? Cause they are designer items and apple may be considered as a consumer version of tech designer items..


    Oh ma gaddd. Someone actually remembered me. How cute. Much love❤️


    Yes, Iphone no more a premium branding like it was in the heyday………..the last branding tags it still commands is until Iphone 5/5s……………….then everything going down the road.

    Now the upcoming brand is Huawei, Asus, Oppo & Xiaomi.

    Don't attacked me since i commented on Apple branding since i'm an Apple fans for 4 generations products from Iphone 3GS, Iphone 4S, Ipad 2 And New Ipad and much into the Apple ecosystems.

    After switching to Android from Galaxy S3 /S4/ S5, Asus Zenfone 3 and now Huawei Mate 8…………….these are the best so far in terms of usability and the products are not pricey too.


boss. got any programme trade old iphone?


It is their money let them do what they want. Individual preferences, let it be.


i came here for the drama comments … never fail to impress me, really nice laugh

guys it's so clear what kind of road both brands are going for so nothing really to talk about
one man's meat is another men's poison. the numbers are everywhere and if those bunch still
don't get it and wants to jump into the fire, so be it it's their money and how they want to waste it.

just in case anyone still doesn't know (yes i still see ignorant people ) both brand's flagship no.7 phone does have explosion case and both are bombs too.


Hi swan.

Swan is a god of gadgets.

Dont play2 pipu. 😀


    nah just know a little bit more than these kataks here, joker


      swan know more than everyone by saying iPhong is better. Do not underestimate power of dumb people like swan


        its somehow better than most of the phone but not all, i do estimate how bodo kambing like u will go full retard 🙂


I wonder iPhone price will reach RM5-6k in the future?


    Soon… As our currency vs USD continue slide……


Most people own iPhones or/and iPads regardless of the price is because they have gotten to be used to it and appreciate the simplicity of the operating system, not to show it off. Thus, if they can afford the latest models, why not? I am impressed with Samsung’s phones but refrain from getting it due to the different OS.

Lol man

I phone 7 is just good no one argue about it

Lol man

And it doesent explode


Noob Swan. Go die pls


    thats all u can say from your own cute little brain, nothing more.


      dont forget to sent us an invitation to your funeral, swan


        let me know your facebook then, i will send to you about 70 years after, i will jump out from coffin for a few second and laugh and ur cute little brain.




Only stupid retards will buy this phone….


Malaysia iphone user have to pay higher price compare to US…
3rd world country need to pay more …hahaha…

USA vs Malaysia
USD 1 = RM4

iPhone 7 32GB$649 (RM2596) vs RM3199 (+603)
iPhone 7 128GB$749 (RM2996) vs RM3699 (+703)
iPhone 7 256GB$849 (RM3396) vs RM4199 (+803)

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB $769 (RM3076) vs RM3799 (+723)
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB $869 (RM3476) vs RM4299 (+823)
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB $969 (RM3876) vs RM4799 (+923)


    How much does one roti canai and teh tarik cost in the US? Those who convert US price is stupid. You think Apple will sell you in Malaysia with same price in the US?


      Brother, I paid RM17 for one roti canai in Las Vegas. In an Ipoh-born guy running a Malaysian restaurant.


Apple have hired keyboard warrior around the world intrusion Android forum. Soyacincau cannot escape, when people spend money use the product express their unsatisfactory, it’s Consumer right to voice. Same to iPhone, people unsatisfactowith its limitations just voice up, what’s wrong with that? I know Apple is your rice bowl, but today the world is so small until every things happen news will spread instantly. Dun treat people are dumb, Apple keyboard warrior. If you are not work under Apple, I can say you just a pity small brain kind of human.


    Are you also someone that will go around complaining Mercedes and LV are over priced?

    Your expectation is for Apple to sell their product to you, at the price point determined by you… Now look yourself in the mirror and see how ridiculous you look.

    This is not a piece of chicken or any other commodity goods ya.

    And you think Apple just pluck a price from thin air without considering their target market and competition? To put it bluntly, you are not their target market. there is a (large) group of consumers out there that are willingly parting their few thousand dollars and at the same time won't complain their phones have less screws over the other models. These are consumers that shop for premium goods. If you need to complain (with your sour grapes theory) you are simply not there yet. Also their target market, I suspect, is not someone that has a unusually large brain too.

    Having a big brain is good (I assume you have 1). Just don't waste it in over-thinking other people's buying behavior. Let Apple go worry about that… it is their rice bowl. Meantime, you could exercise your consumer rights by buying another Asus. Is a quite a good phone, this Asus. But I think if you let a 5 year old choose between an Apple or Asus for their Birthday, you know which one they will pick.


      hahaha, funny, the name suit you most.


      dear sohai, may i know whats wrong with going around complaining Mercedes and LV are over priced??? heck, y stop there? whats wrong with complaining Ferrari and Hermes are overpriced??? nothing wrong dude… its your preference on how you want to spend it. I can buy a roti kosong at RM1k and if you want to complain that its overprice, sure, can, no problem, complain la….

      Bill Gates

      by looking at the name, indeed a sohai, is Apple your family business? Why so concern about their business. We as consumer always have right complaint things is overpriced. There are five fundamental consumer rights. You understand sohai? When the price cannot be justified we just voice out, what's problems? Again Apple is your family business? Why so concern about others voice out their dissatisfaction over this overpriced gadget. This is just gadget, its not a Ferrari. Jaguar, lamborghini sport car, when consumer complaints this phone does not mean he/she is poor, understand? By looking at the name, sohai indeed suits you most


        hahaha… other than calling names, you people just can't string a proper argument can you? crack me up. hahaha. I put the name just to see which fellow would take the bait.. 😀

        Why is Apple over priced? Compare to Vertu it is not… hahaha. Please go start a blog to complain Vertu… hahaha.
        Is a free world, free market, is not like a controlled price item. They can sell at any price they want. And is certainly your right not to buy.

        By the way, for the record, I do own small bits of Apple shares and structured warrant 😀 hahaha.


          Tiny branch species from pariah nation spotted


          thank for the record. no wonder you fight so blindly!! lol.. tim cook must be a genius. free marketing from their minority share holders!!


        for bodo kambing like you, its overpriced, for people who can afford and willing to pay, its not overpriced, some people who could afford only proton when they get their first job after graduate think merz is overpriced, some people who work hard enough after years to with a successful career certainly dont think merz is overpriced. so how to justify? justify by ur narrow minded brain la.

        you just dont simply voice out and make the world chaos, especially someone who are bodo kambing think himself is bill gate.


          seriously, stop saying people cant afford it.its 5k, if you think you are the select few who can afford it, you must have a serious misconception of the economy… anyone who wants to buy it can buy it with the right credit facilities… or with enough savings…


          bodh swan hitam, cakap org tak duit beli, sendiri juga cakap sendiri student not afford, mana bangsat ini asal?


i had an iphone 6s. plugged in a 3rd party usb fan and my motherboard short circuited. my warranty was voided bcus i already cracked the screen. now i need to scrape up rm1700 to replace it. im a uni student. now im using a shitty lenovo phone. i guess i deserved it. as my father always say, if u can buy it doesnt mean u can afford to maintain it. sure, iphones are ridiculously priced but theres this feeling when u use yhe iphobe that u dont get from any other flagship phones. but the iphone 7, priced at 3.2k as a base price, better buy a gaming laptop, or maybe a bike for rempit lol. its no suprise that apple is losing it with the iphone 7


    Would be even more surprised if your father buys you another iphone.

    What's going on with parents these days???


The ip7 is expensive, but don’t forget our currency exchange also play a big part in ip7 pricing, remember ip4, only 3 ringgit to the dollar, now 4ringgit to the dollar. It’s nit expensive, our money is just shiite!


OMG! Guys chill ok it's just a phone. If u have money u buy it if u don't have it u always can buy android phone.

Nothing to argue about. Dont want to buy it just stick to your phone. let the rich people buy it.


Don't butthurt la guys..

Let the riches buy their needs. If you are poor, don't say out loud, it will only let other people see you butthurt only.

Their money why you butthurt?


Hi all,

I was using iPhone 6s plus before I changed to Mi Max. OS stability wise, iOS win hands down. But value for money, Android takes the cake.

No argument needed. If you can afford and do not like OS customization, go for iOS.

Otherwise, calling names here and insult others over a phone……just doesn’t make any sense, to me.

My 2 cents 🙂


I just don't understand, why so much complain about Apple pricing?
If you find other brand is better value, then go ahead and buy lah.
I doubt Apple needs your validation, their sales record speaks for itself. Too expensive? apparently there are some that can't get it quick enough.

And for some of the posts that compare Samsung with Apple and said is a better deal, well, those comparison never ends. Because another smart dude will then take his beloved xiaomi and says the same thing about that Samsung being a rip off.

So, to each their own. Ultimately, the market forces determine the price.

Oh, and just in case someone doesn't understand the Apple business model vs the Android, Apple's cost is more than just the hardware. They are also responsible for the development of the App store, the OS, the iMessages, Facetime, the cloud, not to mention the full office suite etc. That's how the platform works more cohesively with the phone, and you get the latest update instantaneously.

You can't say the same for Android phones, as they don't have much control over the open source license.


    Tq teacher for schooling us ==


      Memorise it hard. It will come out in my next quiz and shall make up 25% of your final score.


    That’s why. Cannot afford just buy something else. Nobody gives a shit if you think it is expensive. Got so many other countries that are willing to buy, not just Malaysia. If apple quit Malaysia it wont even hurt their sales.


      And then the same group of people will complain why Apple never sell in Malaysia, and have to tumpang friend in Singapore to get them one.


      orang bodoh jer kata cannot afford buy this shit. 900 salary also can buy. Bodoh! Apple so desperate to get more sales around the world to survive


    the only thing they know is price, too expensive for them to afford and enjoy the benefits.


      its not hard to own an iphone, even a person earning RM1k can own an IPhone, its called EPP, micro-credit, financing, bla, bla,bla!!! why are you guys saying its too expensive to own?!? i really don't understand. for your own ego because you can buy an iphone?


      hitam swan, memang bodoh ini bangsat, asyik say expensive to afford, bodoh bangsat kutu swan


Quite efficient come to defend their pricing, since it is indeed ridiculous price, a tiny small electronic device, look at the sales in China, this overpriced brand already slip to lower rank, sales figure proof itself.


Apple continued its downward trend with a decline of 7.7 percent in the second quarter of 2016. Apple sales declined in North America (its biggest market) as well as in Western Europe. However, it witnessed its worst sales decline in Greater China and mature Asia/Pacific regions, where sales declined 26 percent.


    The person copy and pasting this is so dumb that calling him idiot is an insult to idiots. 2nd quarter is before iphone 7 is announce and apple price cut the iphone 6s. China people are smart not to buy because they know there is a newer model and price will sure drop. If you want to compare please use a bit of brain and look for year end result.


      Haha,apple pen think will get higher paid from rotten Apple, so hard defend them, same to black swan, haha, self contradiction theory said as student no money buy phone, and call other poor no money buy shit phone. Final remind to those paid to attack Android, 20 years ago two sim and external storage start selling, but this device until now still unable to do it, an entry level Android already win this. Phone just about functional and practical usage. Nothing more.


Apple ‘keyboard warrior” not even understand what is the meaning of sales record speaks itself. With this stupid price, you buy it for your paymaster


    Copy paste warrior should look into the mirror. Sales figure is nothing if you are looking at it the wrong way. I hope you are not a business analyst for your own good.

      derek law

      could you please teach us how to read sales figure. No doubt sales of iPhone are still very strong and margins are still very high but sales volume as a whole are still on the decline.

      Just some article from a USA company – so no bias here…


    only bodo kambing like you dont want to look at the fact that there is people who could afford willing to pay, read out the link provided by derew law. really feel pity for katak like u living in tempurung, no wonder comment so stupid.

orang biasa

What ever to related to iphone, confirm the comments more than other articles.


    because the first comment you will see, is how someone blindly comparing android phone with iphone with false facts.


      hahaha apple pen desperate so die defend shit, otak masuk angin


Good bye, rotten Apple


Kamping. Kamping everywhere.


The google pixel pricing makes iphone 7 looks relatively ‘cheap’.


hmmm,, GUCCI, PRADA, TAGHAUER, TISSOT, ROLEX, AUDI, JEEP, etc etc. These are expensive shit that u can get cheaper alternative. Same goes to Apple. Why so noisy..


You are so awesome bro. If only everyone thinks like you.

I really don't understand by complain when they have so many alternatives. Just go buy lah whatever they think is value for money Not everyone sees value the same way.
And yet some here just say is their right to complain?! haha… needless to say, how stupid they sound.
You like Seiko go buy Seiko lah, complain Rolex mahal pulak…


Anyone know where I can get official iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB Black that is Official Malaysia Warranty with no contract, as I am a tourist, not a local Malaysian. Thx for the information.


    You can try authorised retailers like SenQ, Machines, Harvey Norman, Switch and EpiCentre.


500k??5k???its concept???what would i say…ARE YOU STUPID OR U A REALLY PRIOR KAMBING???its not concept LMAO…hahahah…O swan i think u must attend MAHARAJALAWAK audition..gerenti TOP 1..


Awesome debate…. two different platforms trying to over take each other….. Intelligent Operative System versus Android (Artificial Intelligent)……