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ZenFone 3 review: Rock solid and reliable



ASUS dug deep with their ZenFone 3 lineup and came up with three truly different smartphones compared to the old ZenFone 2. Take the ZenFone 3, for example. On paper, it seems to tick a lot of the right boxes when it comes to a quality device, but is that really the case in the real world?

Well, I’ll say this: Performance is definitely not an issue. The handset is buttery with daily tasks and doesn’t let up even when you’re gaming. It’s also built out of solid materials so you probably won’t be left wanting in the feel department either.

The ZenFone 3 also gets an updated camera that outperforms its predecessor by a noticeable margin. From a practical standpoint, this smartphone is rock solid.

But, to me, there’s just one thing that would stop me from buying one.