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Fitbit’s Flex 2 and Charge 2 are great blends of form and function


Fitbit continues to be one of the most popular wearable makers in the world and that’s because they make good devices. The company continues to dominate the basic wearables segment according to the IDC and looked to continue that with the launch of the Flex 2 and Charge 2.

Today, the company gave us a quick sneak peak at these two devices and we’re pretty impressed.


First up we have the smaller Flex 2 and it looks pretty darn awesome. Unlike the original Flex, whose LEDs went across the wearable, the Flex 2 has its LEDs going parallel to the strap. It’s also 30% smaller which gives it a much sleeker look and a more minimalist design.


But the smaller design isn’t only for aesthetic purposes, it’s also Fitbit’s first swim-proof wearable. This means that the device can be submerged up to 50 metres and will be able to track your swimming activities too. Fitbit has also included SmartTrack into the Flex 2 which will automatically recognise your exercises and log them for you.


To make sure you stay connected, the Flex 2 will also push notifications via their coloured LEDs for calls and text messages. Each notification will have a different lighting scheme and vibration. Beyond that, it will track your usual suspects like all day activity tracking, steps, calories burnt. active minutes and sleep tracking.


Based on my first impressions, I quite liked the Flex 2 because of how sleek and minimal it looks and also because you can almost never take it off (except to charge of course). What’s more, the Flex 2 also comes with a bunch of new accessories like bangles and even a necklace which gives it more versatility to be worn in different occassions.

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But, if the Flex 2 is too basic for you, maybe Fitbit’s other tracker might be more your speed — meet the Charge 2. Building on the success of the Charge HR, Fitbit has bundled the Charge 2 with a whole host of awesome features.


The first includes a larger OLED display that can give you more information on your wrist. It also comes with several different watch faces that you can swap between. You can navigate it with either the single button to the left of the wearable or by tapping on it. It isn’t touch sensitive, however.


It retains a lot of goodies from the Charge HR like its PurePulse heart tracking technology, SmartTrack and all day activity tracking, but it also includes stuff like Connected GPS, Relax and Cardio Fitness Level.

Connected GPS is pretty self-explanatory as the wearable uses your phone’s GPS instead of an onboard one like the Surge. What is interesting is Relax and Cardio Fitness Level.


Both of these features utilise the Charge 2’s PurePulse technology to help you better understand your body and fitness. Relax is a simple guided breathing app that helps you relax and teaches you some simple deep breathing exercises. Thexe exercises are tailored specifically for the individual based on your heart rate.

Cardio Fitness Level, on the other hand, assigns a score to your fitness level based on your resting heart rate and your body’s estimated VO2 Max. This is calculated based on your user profile, your heart rate and exercise data. Then the app will compare that data with your age and assign you a score that’s weighted depending on your age.

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For example, if a 50-year-old man and a 20-year-old man both have the same fitness score of 45, the 50-year-old man will be further up the excellence scale because he’s a lot fitter for his age.

Like all Fitbit devices, the Charge 2 and Flex 2 have excellent battery lives of 5 days on a single charge. They also come with interchangeable bands in various styles.

If you’re interested, the Charge 2 is priced at RM730 for the standard model and RM830 for the Special Edition Black and Rose Gold models. In terms of accessories, you can pick up Classic bands for RM130 a pop or Luxe Leather bands for RM360 each.

The Flex 2 is a lot more affordable, coming in at RM450. You can purchase classic bands in packs of three — Pink Pack (blush pink, lavender, magenta) and Sport Pack (gray, navy, yellow) — that cost RM130 per pack and comes in 2 sizes. If you want the more fancy bangles, they will be priced at RM420 for the silver stainless steel and RM450 for the gold and rose gold versions. You can also choose to go for a Pendant which comes in silver and gold which is priced at RM390 and RM450 respectively.

Fitbit’s Charge 2 will be available in late September while the Flex 2 will be available in October. For more information, you can head on over to Fitbit’s website.