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Apple Watch Series 2 — The most complete Apple Watch yet


This is it, Apple has finally announced the follow up to the most popular smartwatch in the world — the Apple Watch — and it’s called the Apple Watch Series 2. Here’s everything you need to know.


First off, the Watch Series 2 looks almost exactly the same as the original Apple Watch except that almost everything about the inside has changed. First up, the Apple Watch Series 2 has upgraded internals. It has a brand new System in a Package (SIP) — the S2 — which features a brand new dual-core processor that’s 50% faster than the original Watch, as well as a new GPU that is 2x faster than the original Watch. It will also be running watchOS 3.


But that’s merely the tip of the iceberg. What will probably be the most exciting feature is the fact that the Watch Series 2 is Swim Proof. Yes, that means the new Apple Watch Series 2 is water resistant up to 50 metres — a significant upgrade from that of the original Watch’s splash proof rating. This is possible thanks to the redesigned internals of the Watch Series 2.


On the original Watch, Apple’s engineers could seal every single part of the Apple Watch except the speakers because for a set of speakers to work they needed air. With the Watch Series 2, Apple has designed the internals of their wearable in such a way that it utilises the speaker itself to push water out of the speaker chamber.


This means that you can swim with your Apple Watch Series 2 without any worry of it getting water damaged and you’d want to swim with it because Apple has spent a lot of work to ensure that the Watch Series 2 can track your swimming activities as accurately as possible — as in they drew blood samples to analyse lactic acid for accurate calorie burning information.

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In fact, Apple is putting quite a lot of focus into the fitness aspects of the Apple Watch Series 2. The Watch Series 2 now comes with built-in GPS for better fitness tracking and accurate route mapping. Apple also says that this GPS is so fast that you don’t have to wait for it to find your location, just hit start and you’re good to go.


What’s more, the Watch Series 2 also has the brightest screen on any Apple device — 1,000 nits — to make sure that you can see its display even under bright sunlight. And if you’re still not convinced, Apple has also partnered with Nike to create what they call the Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Plus.  This is an even more fitness oriented Apple Watch Series 2 which is designed for runners and has a new perforated band that’s light and stretchy.


Finally, the Watch Series 2 will come with a brand new ceramic case that has a pearl white colour (and shine) with a smooth finish. This new ceramic case is also four times harder than stainless steel for added durability. The Watch Series 2 will also come with aluminium and stainless steel cases though there is no mention of an Edition gold variant.


The Apple Watch Series 2 will be priced at USD369 (about RM1,493) and will be available for preorders starting the 9th of September. Apple hasn’t forgotten about the original Apple Watch either. In fact, they’re still going to be selling it alongside the Series 2. The original Watch will be given a refresh in the form of an updated processor and GPU — the same as the Series 2 — and will be renamed to the Apple Watch Series 1. This Apple Watch Series 1 will be priced at USD269 (around RM1,090).

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If you’re eyeing the Nike Plus edition, unfortunately you will have to wait a little while longer as that version will only go on sale in late October. The good news is that it’ll be the same price as the regular Apple Watch Series 2.