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McDonald’s is bundling activity bands with Happy Meals


There’s always a negative perception about fast food and McDonald’s has tried to fix this by offering “healthier” options in selected markets. In a bid to create a “fitter” generation, the golden arches fast food chain is now introducing a wearable device with every Happy Meal.


The Step it! Activity Band is designed to get children moving and it comes in 2 versions with an array of colour options. The first one is basically a plastic band which illuminates whenever you perform an activity and that’s about it. That’s as useless as those LED bands you wear at parties.

The second version is something more useful. It has a built-in pedometer which tracks every step your child makes. Being a cheap toy, it won’t sync with any devices and the counter on the LED display can be reset if the numbers get too high.


Of course, this is nowhere near an actual smart wearable device but it’s an indirect way of getting kids started with fitness bands, don’t you think? Unfortunately, if you want to get one, the Step it! Activity Band is only available in US and Canada.

If you’re looking for a real smartwatch for children, you can consider the QQ Watch. Priced at RM569, the Watch lets you make calls, send messages and you can even track your children via GPS. Maxis is also offering the QQ Watch on a bundle plan at RM38/month which is tied with a 12 month contract.


Alexander Wong