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Here’s a smart jump rope that costs RM358


We’re seeing all kinds of smart things recently. Besides the usual smartphone and smartwatch, you’ve also got stuff like a smart fridge, smart air purifier, smart suitcase and even a smart rice cooker.

Where do you draw the line? Well, not here apparently because now we’ve got a smart jump rope from a company called Tangram.

So, what does this smart jump rope, called the Smart Rope, do that’s so smart? In a nutshell, the jump rope can track stuff like your jumps and calories burned (like a smart fitness band), while also giving you access to community-oriented stuff like a leaderboard system that will let you compare jump stats with your friends via a dedicated app (Android, iOS). Though, I doubt you will have many friends to compare with since this thing costs a whopping USD89.99 (about RM358), as opposed to a regular jump rope that costs around RM20.

But, wait, there’s more. The rope is also embedded with LEDs that can turn into something like a digital display when you are skipping. The “display” shows you your jump count in a cool, almost AR-like HUD. Of course, the alternative would be to just count your jumps normally like a regular human being, but that’s soooo last century.

I don’t know about you, but no amount of “smart” can really justify the borderline absurd price tag of this Smart Rope. It’s ridiculous, and not in an awesome way.