Could this be what the iPhone 7 looks like?


As the date for the release of Apple‘s upcoming iPhone draws closer, more and more leaks have begun rearing their ugly head (or should I say pretty head? We love leaks don’t we?). But, while it seemed like many leaksters do not know how to hold a camera steady when taking a shot of a prototype phone, this purported new photo of the iPhone 7 may be the clearest one we’ve seen yet.


Yes, the first and most evident thing you’d notice about the iPhone is the incredibly large camera bump and lens module. It’s gigantic. Monstrous, even. But, I like a good looking camera bump and this is actually stirring something in my loins. The other thing you’d notice is the cleaned up antenna lines which now run along the top and bottom side of the smartphone. That gives the device a cleaner look from the back, but does make it seem like the phone’s wearing a turtle neck.

Besides that, the device looks a whole lot like the current iPhone 6s/6s Plus so if you’re aching for a new, redesigned iPhone, you’ll probably have to wait for one more year. One thing worth noting is that there is only one camera module on this smartphone. That, as The Verge points out, would probably mean that this is the regular 4.7-inch iPhone 7. This is because the (likely) more expensive iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro variants are said to come with a dual-camera setup on the back.

While it is hard to tell how big the device is in this photo, looking at the size of the man’s hand relative to the phone — assuming, of course, he has regular sized hands — this does appear to be the case. It is unfortunate that we can’t see what the front of device looks like, however. We also can’t say for sure if there is a headphone jack or not, but considering how smooth the lines are, that is a possibility.

Building on the iPhone 7 hype train, this new iPhone will likely be revealed sometime in September and the good news is that Apple will also allegedly ditch the 16GB base model, starting the phone at a “whopping” 32GB instead. Whether this turns out to be what the device will look like in the end or not, remains to be seen so we encourage you to treat these rumours and leaks as what they are. It’s also worth noting that this is probably a prototype unit (so final design elements may change) due to the lack of markings and branding.

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