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U Mobile’s UPackage is the best way to own a Huawei device

This post is brought to you by U Mobile

U Mobile has made a name for themselves when it comes to keeping ahead of the curve. Now, they’re adding even more pizazz to their lineup with the brand new UPackage Installment Plan that lets you own a brand new Huawei device from only RM10/month.

Launched in collaboration with the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, U Mobile is now giving you a chance to own brand new Huawei devices like the honor 4C and honor 5X. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even go for the new Leica certified Huawei P9!

The best part is, these three devices can be yours at a lower subsidised rate which you can pay over a 24-month installment period with zero interest.

As an added bonus, if you choose to pick up the honor 4C (which can be yours for only RM10/month), U Mobile will also be throwing in a T-shirt and an exclusive X-Men case for free. But, this is a limited time offer so you’d better hurry if you want to get your hands on that sweet swag.

Want something higher up in the food chain? The Huawei P9 can be yours for only RM76/month via U Mobile’s UPackage, which is incredible value since you’re getting a top-of-the-line flagship device with Leica certification.


To pick up a smartphone with U Mobile’s UPackage, you will also need to subscribe to one of U Mobile’s postpaid plans. There are three plans that you can pick from, the Hero P50, Hero P70 and the Hero P98 plan. But, with U Mobile, you’re always getting more than just a plan, you also get extra data for video streaming with Video-Onz and free international data roaming with the P70 and P98 plan thanks to U Mobile’s Data Backpack. The Data Backpack lets you use your local data quota in selected countries without any roaming charges.

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Great value device? Check. Great value plan? Check. What else are you waiting for? If you’re interested, this UPackage plan is available in all U Mobile branches right now and will also be available in U Mobile premium stores soon.

You can check out the UPackage for Huawei page for more information.