Pick up a Huawei P9 with Digi from RM999


Digi is now offering Huawei’s latest flagship, the P9, from as low as RM999 when you sign up with the yellow telco’s More Internet or More Calls postpaid plans.


Currently, Digi is only offering the P9 with their Postpaid 68, Postpaid 98 and Postpaid 148 plans. With the lowest Postpaid 68 plan, you can pick up the P9 for RM1,549 but you will also have to make an upfront payment of RM200 alongside the advance payment for the plan of RM68. That means on the day of purchase you will need to pay a total of RM1,817.

Alternatively, should you opt for the Postpaid 98 plan, you will have to make a total payment of RM1,847 (RM98 for the plan, RM470 upfront payment and RM1,279 for the device). If you want to save the most on the price of the device, Digi’s Postpaid 148 lets you have it for RM999, but you will have to pay a device advance payment fee of RM750 alongside the plan advance payment of RM148 bringing the total to RM1,897.


Keep in mind that when you sign up for these plans, you will be tied to a 24-month contract. Of course, if you don’t want to make any upfront cash payments, Digi is also offering the P9 with their easy payment plan (EPP).

For more information on Digi’s bundle, you can head on over to their website. If you want to find out if the P9 is any good, check out our full review of the device.