Road test with Yes 4G’s new LTE Network

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Yes is Malaysia’s fifth telco to launch 4G LTE and they are about to reveal their full plans at the end of the month. Ahead of its official roll out, owners of the new Samsung Galaxy J (2016) series (J1, J5 and J7) are able to try out their network with the bundled prepaid SIM.

I have been using the SIM for a week and here are my findings so far.

Lets start with the technical bits. In Malaysia, most telcos including Celcom, Maxis, Digi and U Mobile are operating on FDD-LTE (Frequency Division Duplex) at 1800MHz (Band 3) and 2600MHz (Band 7). For TM’s new Webe service, they are running on 850MHz (Band 5), which is why they are called “850 by Webe“.

So what’s the deal with these different bands? The higher the frequency (e.g. 2300MHz/2600MHz) offers higher capacity but it isn’t as good for penetrating walls and buildings. Lower frequency (e.g. 700MHz, 850MHz) is great for wider reach especially in rural areas but the disadvantage is lower capacity.


For Yes, they are running on TDD-LTE (Time Division Duplex) at 2300MHz (Band 40) and 2600MHz (Band 38) that’s great for high density areas. If you’re unfamiliar, TDD-LTE isn’t entirely new and it is widely deployed in China and also in India. Most global phones from Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi are already supporting dual-band LTE.

When it comes to voice calls, most 4G telcos still rely on the old school 2G/3G network. If you noticed, 4G LTE is used only for data and you’ll be switched to 3G automatically whenever a call comes in. Unlike the rest, Yes runs purely on 4G and voice calls are delivered via VoLTE (Voice over LTE). As a result, calls are connected faster and the quality is noticeably clearer. That also means that you would need a phone that supports both TD-LTE and VoLTE which are getting pretty common these days.

You can hear it for yourself in our VoLTE test.

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20 Comments for Road test with Yes 4G’s new LTE Network

Mobile User

Actual performance is still a doubt. YES utilization is still low. This is same situation when you check your internet speed in the morning or mid night, the speed for most of the existing service providers are much faster compare performance during 9am~5pm.


    we talk about yes 4G LTE, not wimax as before


I guess if you have a dual sim, that's fine as you can then get a small prepaid/postpaid line for backup (like U Mobile's U28) and then YES as the daily driver when in KL.

Assuming that it's got coverage outside of Klang Valley too… aka smaller towns, etc.


    I guess if one is using Iphone 5s…. gone case because no LTE.
    As using it as a primary line, I wonder how the roaming service is.
    Would I get to connect 3G with their affiliate telcos?


      iPhone 5S does support LTE including Band 38 and 40 but it doesn't support VoLTE. You'll need a minimum of iPhone 6 to make calls on Yes 4G's LTE network. As mentioned in the post, Yes runs purely on 4G and there's no domestic roaming agreement with other telcos. So it is either you're connected on 4G or have no signal at all.


        Is S7 Edge supported? I can't find the setting anywhere. Is it necessary to use the YES 4G sim card and update required?


          Yes it is and it is listed here:

          You would only see the option after getting the software update and with the SIM Card inside. Note that this is applicable for Samsung Malaysia units.

          Sean Ngeow

          Hi Soya Cincau – have you tested it with Iphone before ? It won't even show the network during network search for YES.

          Sean Ngeow

          I'm on Iphone 6 plus BTW.


          We tried and it doesn’t work with the iPhone. Last we checked with them, Yes has yet to get certification from Apple. For iPhones to work with Yes, it needs to get a carrier software update.


i would reckon you to use the data for download rather just by testing it on speedtest….


why i cannot make usual call .. it say i dun have registered network but i can serve internet very fast and how to check quota left .. i dun have yes id to login to my account page at it website… plz help..


Is S7 Edge supported? I can't find the VoLTE setting anywhere.

Swee Ming

Nexus 5x also have that band but to bad not able to use .

i have go to purchase a samsung j1 to use as my portable modem.


one question, why malaysian so called 4g still didnt reach 100megabits/persecond, i tot that minimum 4g lte speed are 100mbps?

    Swee Ming

    Max speed that i can reach area 15mbps inb melaka town area.


    I've reached it before, tested using celcom. Not sure about other operator though. It depends also on how good your device's reception towards the feeder antenna.


Hi. Does lenovo A5600 support yes 4g lte?


can htc desire 10 pro can use this yes sim ?


Any Asus zenfone supported Yes LTE?