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Xiaomi CEO explains why they are not making waterproof smartphones

Having a waterproof smartphone not only gives you peace of mind, but you can finally take it to more places like a bathtub or a swimming pool. With more manufacturers jumping onto the water resistant bandwagon, Xiaomi has refrained from doing so. In an interview, he gave two reasons why Xiaomi is holding back from waterproofing their devices.

The first reason is maintaing water resistance in the long run. According to Lei Jun, a smartphone’s capability to keep water out from its vital components will deteriorate even if there is a slight damage. That’s probably one of the reasons why Sony had backtracked from its waterproofing claims after years of promoting the Xperia Z series as waterproof smartphone. The latest Xperia X series was launched without any water resistance.

Keeping cost low is always important for a company like Xiaomi. According to Lei Jun, offering waterproofing would increase the cost by 20-30%. He doesn’t rule out that one day Xiaomi will eventually release a waterproof smartphone but that’s only when customers are ready to pay slightly more.

Would you pay more for a waterproof phone? Or can you live without it to keep the price low? Let us know in the comments down below.


Alexander Wong