Yes rolls out LTE. Widest 4G coverage with VoLTE support |

Yes rolls out LTE. Widest 4G coverage with VoLTE support

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Yes is making a comeback and they are doing it with a huge bang. The WiMAX operator under YTL Communications is now rolling out its 4G LTE service, making them the fifth choice when it comes to 4G LTE mobile services.

According to its CEO, Mr. Wing K. Lee, Yes is Malaysia’s first 4G network to have a massive 85% population coverage. That’s quite an impressive feat and as comparison, Maxis’ 4G LTE coverage currently stands at 82%.


He added that as Malaysia’s 4G champion, they have revamped their network with the most advanced LTE service complete with VoLTE (Voice over LTE). This is a first in Malaysia which enables faster call connections and clearer voice calls.


In conjunction with the launch of Samsung’s latest Galaxy J (2016) series, Yes is offering a Yes 4G SIM card bundle pack that comes with 30GB data that’s valid for 2 months. This enables new Galaxy J (2016) users to enjoy fast 4G LTE speeds as well as High Definition Voice quality.

The Galaxy J1, J5 and J7 (2016) are priced at RM449, RM849 and RM1,049 respectively and they will be available starting tomorrow 16 June 2016. For the general public, Yes’s 4G LTE launch is happening on 30th June which will include their full service plans. The Samsung Galaxy J + Yes 4G event is still on going, so stay tuned for more updates.


UPDATE: Yes 85% population 4G coverage is inclusive with its current WiMAX network. For LTE, it is built on top of their Yes 4G WiMAX footprint. To differentiate themselves from the rest, Yes promises HD voice quality with VoLTE. Unlike other 4G operators, Yes is operating on TDD-LTE instead of the usual FDD-LTE.

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During the event, Yes says that existing customers will be getting up to 12GB bonus data on their postpaid plan at their next billing cycle. We are trying to find out more about their network especially its actual LTE coverage areas.

UPDATE 2: Yes 4G LTE network operates on TD-LTE in Band 38 (2600MHz) and 40 (2300MHz). As comparison, other existing LTE telcos in Malaysia are operating on FDD-LTE Band 3 (1800MHz) and 7 (2600MHz).


VoLTE is enabled by default and making calls are noticably quicker. In terms of speed, we got about 13Mbps download and 7.8Mbps uploads from our office in PJ.


Photos from the launch





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29 Comments for Yes rolls out LTE. Widest 4G coverage with VoLTE support

Xiao Xiao

Anyone knows how Yes managed to have the highest population coverage when the big boys have much less?

Am a little surprised by the claim; just marketing BS or true?

    Darth Xaim

    Probably used YTL cement trucks as mobile radio towers to cover the whole country.


    Any chance that perhaps their existing infrastructures are flexible enough to be easily upgraded to support 4G?


their radio towers are everywhere la… research abit and u will know, aside from the normal radio towers like how maxis and digi etc put up… they also have the 1 bestari project which means all gov school have their radio tower or wat they call base station. Now u do the maths lor see how come their coverage so wide


They are referring to the wimax and not lte.


    A base station can be upgraded just like finding a suitable car engine for your car


    quoting article:
    UPDATE: Yes 85% population 4G coverage is inclusive with its current WiMAX network. For LTE, it is built on top of their Yes 4G WiMAX footprint.


Any company claim to be the largest but didn't cover East Malaysia, then you will know they just exaggerating.




    Exactly! To many, whole country means West Malaysia!


    when come to soviet of sarawak?


YES got their base tower in every school in Malaysia under 1bestarinet projek…very clever their dont need to pay the rent for the land..their give to school a chome book n bundle internet with quota hahahaha for school … n give a YES doogle with 200mb quota teacher want to use more buy ur own data..very clever bis plan…n the best part gov have to pay a montly rent for YES for their service..


Many school in the rural area have yes 1bestarinet tower. Even in skm (sekolah kurang murid) school. no ownderlah they have the widest coverage. I was told that every school will be equip with yes tower. imagine that. you do the math.


Got school? Got yes!


Which TDD-LTE band?


    They are running on Band 38 (2.6GHz) and Band 40 (2.3GHz).


Old mi4 users who bought china ap set last time running only 3G now can enjoy 4G on YES since these ap sets are TDD-LTE


is this only for mobile phone? how about those who are using huddle XS or Zoom gateway?


Can someone list down the phone that support TD-LTE for their 2.3Ghz 2.6Ghz band?
now very confuse as the LTE provider in malaysia, somemore WEBE will launch their 850Mhz LTE, do not know also is FDD-LTE or TD-LTE

    Daniel Choong

    Oneplus One is one of them.
    Sony Xperia Z3 Compact D5833 supports band 40 but not 38.

    Checked because I own both.

kurita sanyu

up to 12 gb bonus to postpaid plan. how about prepaid customer?? i got nothing? Yes!


Only interested with the extra data.
12GB + my current, or will it be quota change?
The former, right?


YES is too expensive to consider and speeds are not too impressive now considering DiGi and Maxis already launched LTE-A Cat 4 in most urban centres.

Once they launch their VoLTE plans with their UNLIMITED to all networks as well as VoWiFi, YES will not stand a chance with the giants.

The 30GB only promotional 1 time to be used up in 2 months?
How are the YES plans compare? Do they have like DiGi Postpaid 80 with 10GB and UNLIMITED calls to all net or Umobile's Hero 70 with 15GB/Unlimited calls all net?


    I gotta admit, I chuckled a bit when I read that.

    "30 GB worth of DATA"
    > Ooh, that's some quota.

    "Usable in first two months"
    > laughs


it is huawei compatible to use Yes Sim. anyone try before?


    i mean huawei P9


      Huawei P9 –> LTE (TDD) Bands 39, 40, 38
      Yes 4G LTE network –> LTE (TDD) Bands 38, 40

      So I guess it should work


When will Xiaomi Redmi 3S be released in Malaysia ??


Just realist the cheap little alcatel pixi 4 can support YES! lol