Flash Plus 2 review: Is it THE smartphone to get under RM600?

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“I want a new phone that’s good but cheap. What should I get?”

You have no idea how many times I get asked that question. Mostly from my sister, but there are plenty from other people as well. Normally, this would be an easy question to answer, what with how far budget smartphones have come.

But, we usually look at a smartphone’s value, not necessarily at its price. Take something like the Redmi Note 3 for example: It’s great value, but being priced closer to RM1,000 doesn’t exactly make it “cheap”.


What is cheap then? If that’s something closer to the RM500 mark, then the Flash Plus 2 could be a serious contender for your hard earned cash.

It’s got a potent cocktail of decent build, decent specs plus one or two extra creature comforts that you’d be hard pressed to find on any other smartphone at this price range.

That said, I won’t butter its biscuit because that would give you the wrong impression. This is a budget smartphone and it should be treated as nothing more or less than that.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s proceed.

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10 Comments for Flash Plus 2 review: Is it THE smartphone to get under RM600?


Im using it for almost two weeks now,and it's a big suprise to see your sot,seriously the battery life of fp2 is preety good,mine could get average 4-5 hours sot.so you should double check it.at 599 i can consider it among the best should buy budget smartphone hifi audio,fast charging,full hd sceen,front flash cam,very fast fingerprint,good gaming perfomance(smoothly runs assassin creed pirates,grand gangster,god of rome).the P10 doing well in gaming for me.no sign of overheating even playing games for straight 2hours.the camera not bad at all,daylight shot is good.but in low light i agree with you,it is bad.


    Hi, thanks for your comment. It's interesting to see you get such good SOT. I've consistently been getting poor battery results, often having to top up maybe once or twice a day. Could you describe your usage patterns?


To me the highlight of the phone is the near stock Android OS, something you rarely find on other budget phones.


How does it compare against the cheaper Xiaomi Redmi 3?

kenny tan

go for Huawei brand…better than Flash anytime.


I kinda disagree with how you described the camera especially since it isn't reflective of the photos you posted. It's not the most detailed camera out there but it surely doesn't lose too much detail or doesn't really have too much inaccuracy in colors. For it's price range, clearly one of the best. I've seen worse from mid-range offerings from reputable brands(ehem Samsung, Sony and LG) which are priced almost twice as the flash plus 2.


Don’t try to judge the camera’s image quality because you’ll only be disappointed when you find out that it’s rubbish. > this statement contradicts yr last statement >> usually such statements is a no buy for me


new scandal.. flash plus 2 spying on user.

avoid buying this phone at all cost.


    RDM, Grow up. ALL phone spies on its user. Ask Edward Snowden…and nobody spies MORE THAN US & UK (surprise, surprise, those Freemason Brits).

    That is why i insist on getting phones with REMOVABLE BATTERY. May not be 100% foolproof, but If i can choose to remove my batteries i can AT LEAST have a higher chance of REMOTE spying & recording (again ask Snowden and those NSA creeps).

    Think – Why nowadays ALMOST ALL mobile phones have built-in batteries? Is it really just for aesthetic effect of being "slim"? WHO peddled this idea that slim and lightweight is the best while NOT TELLING the whole truth that BUILT-IN BATTERIES can and HAVE A HIGHER CHANCE of REMOTE SPYING/ CONTROLLING. WHo strted this whole idea of slim phone? AIn't it AS USUAL from The WEST. The dastard West!!