Samsung slashes RM2,000 off their TVs but the retail price will shock you


In addition to a line of awesome smartphones, South Korean electronics giant Samsung also makes some kick-ass televisions. From curved displays to SUHD panels, Samsung’s got an impressive roster and recently they decided to offer a massive RM2,000 discount on some of their televisions.

By far the most attractive TV on discount is Samsung’s 65-inch curved SUHD TV which has features like Nano Crystal Colour, Auto Depth Enhancer, Peak Illuminator Pro and UHD Upscaling. The retail cost of all those goodies? RM21,999, but, you can now get it for only a cool RM19,999.

If that’s too far out of your budget, Samsung is also offering RM2,000 off the price of their regular 65-inch curved UHD TV, bringing it to just RM10,999.

65 inches too large? Well, you can pick up the 55-inch curved UHD TV, which normally retails for RM6,799, for RM4,999 instead.

Regardless of which TV you decide to go for, odds are, you would probably want to get a decent soundbar to go along with it. There’s no point in spending almost RM20,000 on a crisp SUHD TV only to be disappointed by the audio right?

Well, Samsung is also offering a RM200 discount on their HW-H751 soundbar that comes with a built-in vacuum tube and a wireless active subwoofer.

If you want to get your hands on these devices, be sure to hurry as the offer will only last until the end of this month (31 May 2016).  What’s more, if you make a minimum purchase of RM1,000 on selected Samsung TVs in a single receipt, you will be in the running to win exclusive football merchandise.

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To enter, follow these three steps:

1. Purchase selected Samsung TV worth a minimum of RM1,000 in a single receipt.
2. Submit an SMS to 66688 with the following text: Samsung<space>Receipt Date<space>Receipt Date DDMMYY<space>Email Address<space>NRIC<space>Name
3. Wait for the SMS confirmation that your submission has been received.