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BOXiT is an alternative way to pick up your parcels


If you’ve ever ordered something online, we’re sure you’re acquainted with the hassle involved with picking up your parcels; especially if you’re not at home to receive it. BOXiT, is here to help fix that.

In a nutshell, BOXiT is a parcel locker service that allows you to pick up your parcel at your own leisure, and not have to worry about the postman arriving when there’s no one at home.

How BOXiT works, is you buy an item online (from selected online merchants) and the parcel will be delivered to one of the BOXiT storage spaces in one of the participating 7-Eleven outlets in the Klang Valley. When your parcel arrives and is stored in the locker, you will receive an SMS with your locker pin code. All you need to do after that is head on over to the locker and pick up your goodies.


And since 7-Eleven is open 24/7, you can pick up the items whenever you’re free to do so (within a certain preset timeframe of course). Merchants can also rent the storage to store goods beforehand so that customers can immediately collect it from the lockers on purchase.

The same system can be used for refunds and returns as well.


Currently, BOXiT has 20 lockers and locations set to begin service, with plans to increase it up to 100 by the end of Q4. At the moment, the lockers are only available to online merchants like Lazada and can be rented out by said e-Commerce sites as collection points for their customers. There’s also plans for a consumer based platform called BOXiT2Me, where users can subscribe to it as a service where people can use it as an alternative PO box for the collection of parcels.

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Doesn’t look like you can store large items in it though, as the majority of drawers look reasonably small. BOXiT will launch in the first week of June, with full deployment of the lockers to occur over the next 3-4 months.

So do you think BOXiT would be a hit? let us know in the comments.