GBoard will let iOS users search and shoot emojis straight from their keyboards

google gboard

Hot on the heels of updating their Translate appGoogle has just released a new app called Gboard, which will allow users to search directly from their keyboard without even having to leave their messenger.

Before this, if you wanted to search up something while messaging someone (like say, an address) you would have to leave your messaging app and open your browser just to use the search. With the new app, you can directly search from the keyboard itself, on top of being able to post Gifs and emojis to whoever it is you happen to be chatting with.

The search results will even appear as cards so as to streamline the whole information transfer process, so you can just directly copy and paste the necessary info into the message. Think of it as a miniaturised Google search.


It will even suggest emojis and Gifs based on words you enter into the search. No more rolling through Google search looking for that perfect reaction meme. Last but not least, Gboard also supports Glide Typing, which allows you to quickly type by sliding your finger from key to key, much like what Swiftkey.

Unfortunately, only iOS users get Gboard for now, with Android users to get access to the app at a later date. You can download Gboard for iOS right here.