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Here’s why Captain America chooses a vivo smartphone


This post is brought to you by the vivo V3Max – Faster than Faster

Have you guys checked out the latest Captain America: Civil War movie yet? No? Well, it’s awesome and you should totally watch it. Those of you tech enthusiasts who have watched it, you would have undoubtedly noticed some of the cool gadgets they featured on set, including Captain Steve Roger’s vivo smartphone.

Oops, uh, spoiler alert?


The thing is, out of all the smartphones in the world, why do you think the Captain picked a vivo smartphone? Well, we believe we have some ideas. Let’s take the vivo V3Max as an example.

1. A full-metal unibody


If you’re at all familiar with the Cap, you’d probably have noticed that the he has an affinity for cold hard steel. Look at his trusty shield that the flings around (defying the laws of physics) at bad guys, I doubt he ever leaves home without it.

So, it would make sense that he would want that same reassuring feeling for what is probably the Cap’s second most held object — his smartphone. With the V3Max, Steve can feel right at home gripping the handset’s full-metal unibody and be confident that it’ll survive a clash with Tony Stark.

And you know what they say, confidence is the key to victory.

2. Dual-Charge Circuits Fast Charging


The battery is usually a smartphone’s biggest kryptonite. What’s the point of having all those amazing features if your device runs out of juice every two hours? Not even the mighty Captain America can fix that, which is where the V3Max can come into play.

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The vivo V3Max has a large 3,000 mAh cell that will easily last an entire day on a single charge. What’s more, it comes with vivo’s Dual-Charge Circuits fast charging technology which can top the phone up in only 1.5 hours.

That’s really important for Steve because he can’t be worrying about his phone dying on him while he’s punching Hydra (or RDJ’s perfect jawline) in the face. And even if it does die on him, the fast charging will get him back up to speed in a jiffy.

3. Smart Split Multi-window


When you’re an Avenger, being able to multitask is super important. It’s one of the strengths you need to list down in your CV when applying (probably). So, naturally the Captain would need a smartphone that can keep up with him.

With the vivo V3Max’s Smart Split, he can have two windows open simultaneously which saves the Cap time and we all know every second matters when you’re trying to save the world.

So, with the V3Max Captain America can, for example, use one window to look at security footage of a criminal while he uses the other window to Google the identity and location of the criminal. Y’know, just the usual stuff the Cap does when he’s off camera.

4. Hi-Fi Audio


High quality audio isn’t just eargasmically good for listening to music, it’s also important when you need to pick up the little nuances in, say, a secret message being transmitted by the forces of evil to their minions. Well, the AK4375 Hi-Fi chip located in the V3Max provides some of the highest quality smartphone audio you can find right now — SNR 105dB and a distortion rate of -97dB.

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That’s not all, the V3Max can also produce some truly impressive audio from its onboard speakers. That Hi-Fi chip isn’t messing around. It’s almost as amazing as Captain America himself when he’s giving orders and explaining tactics to his fellow teammates — crisp and crystal clear.

5. Faster than faster


Much like Steve Rogers himself, the V3Max is no slouch, as it packs a Snapdragon 652 octa-core processor mated to 4GB of RAM. So, the Captain can run fast? Well, so can the vivo V3Max and it’s even faster with vivo’s intuitive FunTouch OS UI.

It’ll definitely be able to keep up with ol’ Stevie.

6. Biometric security


Captain America is famous for his Vibranium shield. He’s the protector of the weak, defender of the innocent, guardian of the galax–wait, wrong show, but, you get the idea. The question is, while he’s so busy protecting everyone else, who’s going to protect him?

Well, the vivo V3Max of course! This sophisticated smartphone comes with fingerprint biometric security that not only keeps the phone and all his data safe, but it also unlocks the smartphone in a single touch — 0.2 seconds in fact.

This means that the Cap doesn’t have to fumble around with passwords or pin numbers when he needs to unlock his smartphone. Just one tap will do — super handy for when he wants to grab a quick selfie to update his Instagram feed during a covert operation. Or maybe while he’s hopping from rooftop to rooftop. Or maybe even when he’s pursuing bad guys in a high-speed car chase and needs Waze to help him find the fastest route.

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To the regular mortals though, please don’t use your smartphone while you drive — that’s dangerous….unless you’re Captain America.

Well, it looks like it’s safe to say that Captain America has found the right smartphone for his…unique lifestyle as a superhero. Maybe he can get his other Avenger buddies to pick up one too.