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Moto 360 Sport review: Run Forrest, run



If I had to identify one other technological trend besides Virtual Reality that would most likely hit big this year, it would be smartwatches. Or smart wearables, whichever you prefer.

For people like us at, smartwatches may not be the “latest” in terms of tech, but for everyone else who doesn’t blow all their money on gadgets, this is a relatively new concept. And oh boy what a concept.

I mean, you have to charge your watch every day?

When I think of smartwatches, one of the OG smartwatches to really revolutionised the smartwatch industry — especially in terms of looks — has to be the Moto 360. When I first laid eyes on it, I was stunned.


I didn’t mind the flat tyre or the fact that it runs Android Wear (which, btw, is mighty confusing to use), it just looked right. It reminded the world that the smartwatch doesn’t need to look radically different from the regular watch.

I yearned for one of these, so imagine my excitement when I finally got my hands on a brand new Moto 360. Not just any Moto 360, mind you, it was the Moto 360 Sport edition. Unfortunately, the saying “don’t meet your idols for they will disappoint you” rings painfully true.

A watch you have to charge every day


Having never used a piece of wearable tech before the Moto 360, this was the most jarring change I had to adapt to. On average, watches can go on for ages on a single charge. I even have a digital watch from when I was in primary school which — until this day — still beeps me occasionally to remind me that a new hour had begun.

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With the Moto 360 Sport, you don’t get that luxury. Charging each day is a necessity. It doesn’t matter if the quoted battery life is 1.5 days, you really don’t want your watch running out of juice in the middle of the day do you?

The good news is that Motorola gives you a nice little charging cradle that you can dock your watch into. Once it’s docked, it turns into a little desk clock that dims and brightens depending on the brightness of the surrounding light. It sits quite elegantly perched on the side of your bed. What’s more, when you charge it each night, how fast it charges doesn’t really matter (about 2 hours if you’re curious) anymore.

Getting used to this will take some time, and at the end of those long tiring days where you forget to charge your watch, you’ll just have to manage the next day without a smartwatch. Alternatively, you could bring your charging cradle along to your office.

So why is it called the Sport?


Well, it’s supposed to be sportier than the classic Moto 360. To achieve that, Motorola has augmented this 360 Sport with built-in GPS functionality. They’ve also given the watch a more rugged and weather resistant look with a case encased in the same rubberised material that the strap is made from.


The only problem with that is the strap then becomes a proprietary piece of hardware that doesn’t seem very user-swappable — and that’s a problem since the strap is rather fragile.


First thing’s first, I really dislike this Sport band. Not only does every single fleck of dust/particle/fibre/hair stick to it, it also isn’t very durable. By the end of my review session (about 2 weeks) the top layer of the rubberised band started peeling.

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It also doesn’t look particularly pretty — especially when compared to its classier brothers. In fact, I think the Gear S2 pulls off that sporty look even better. The worst part? This watch isn’t even very sporty because the only sport this thing can track is running.


The Moto 360 Sport does track running rather well with Motorola’s Moto Body app and the built-in GPS is incredibly accurate, but can you really call it a “Sport” watch? Perhaps they should have called it the Moto 360 Run instead.


If you’re a die-hard sports enthusiast looking for the perfect fitness tracker smartwatch, this isn’t the one for you. A Garmin Forerunner or Fitbit would definitely suit you better. That said, this watch isn’t completely pointless as there are things to like about it.