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Acer’s Liquid Leap Fit has constant heart rate monitoring, reminds you to take your meds

acer liquid leap fit_2

The latest iteration of their Liquid Leap line of smartwatches, the Acer Liquid Leap Fit makes its appearance at [email protected] this year.

Oddly enough, the band was announced last year but only now its being shown off by the brand. Its not too different from its predecessors either, looking very similar in design to its original counterparts.

Coming in a myriad of colours, the wearable is more of a fitness monitor for those who really, really want to keep a constant eyeball on their health.

acer liquid leap fit_1

The main feature of the device here is that it has an always-on heartrate monitor and its ability to remind you to keep up on your medication once synced with Acer’s fitness app. The notifications are clearly displayed on the Leap Fit’s 1 ” OLED touch display, which isn’t fancy but it gets the job done.

Said app will not only keep track of your activity but will also coach you to keep healthy, like many of the fitness apps out in the market. The Liquid Leap Fit also apparently has up to seven days battery life so it should go a fair bit between charges. While that is not nearly as long as a lot of other fitness trackers out there, the constant monitoring does do a number on its battery life.

acer liquid leap fit_3

No word on pricing and release dates for the fitness band just yet, but its siblings the Leap Active and the original Liquid Leap are already available for purchase.

Stay tuned for our hands on of Acer’s latest devices at [email protected] NYC.