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Intel’s Apollo Lake processors will let you have slimmer PCs that pack a bigger punch


Intel‘s got some new Atom processors in town, and their Apollo Lake chips are set to get you slimmer budget PCs while beefing up on power.

For those working on budget Atom PCs, there’s always been the issue of the device either having little resources to go around (aka, not letting you do much more than work) or being on the clunkier side.

This new chip is supposed to be more efficient and has some features from Intel’s Skylake architecture baked in; namely hardware based 4K video capabilities and better visual performance. Its also a tad bit cheaper, which allows the funds to be dedicated to RAM and other upgrades, like the display for example. They won’t replace Intel’s high end Core processors, but they’ll do well in bringing beefier PCs and laptops to the budget market.

There isn’t that much more revealed by Intel about Apollo Lake (like pricing and release dates) but Intel’s got more Celeron and Pentium processors set to launch later this year.