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Yes offers the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge at RM799


UPDATE: Yes’ Super 168 still remains at RM168/month. You’ll need to pay RM93.28/month inclusive of GST after receiving the “monthly rebates”.

Want a different way of owning the Galaxy S7 edge? 4G WiMAX operator Yes is offering the Samsung flagship at RM799 (before GST). Unlike other telcos, Yes is offering it with their MiFi broadband bundle and it packs quite a punch at RM88/month.


The Galaxy S7 edge is tied with 24 months contract of Super 168 postpaid plan but at a discounted RM88/month instead of the usual at RM168/month subscription fee. The plan gives you 2,000 minutes of calls and 2,000 SMS (within Yes network via Yes Life app) plus 20GB of internet each month. That’s more than the 16GB quota that’s being offered right now.

In addition, you’ll also get the Huddle XS MiFi device worth RM509 for free and an extra 32GB memory card but there’s no mention what type it is. During registration, Yes requires a rather steep RM1,888 upfront payment which will be rebated back to your account over 24 months. So that’s a total of RM2,687 you’ll need to fork out before 6% GST.

Note: The RM88/month subscription fee isn’t a promo. It is the price (before GST) after deducting the monthly RM1,888 rebate. In total, you will be paying RM168 for 24 months (excluding GST), which comes up to RM4,032 overall just for subscription fees. RM168 for 20GB is quite expensive considering they are currently offering 16GB for RM88/month on a shorter 12-month contract.

Interested? Head over to Yes’ Galaxy S7 edge page. If you prefer to get it with a 4G LTE operator, check out our Galaxy S7 edge telco comparison.

Alexander Wong