The Apple iPhone SE is the most powerful 4-inch phone ever

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Apple has welcomed a new iPhone to their smartphone family — the iPhone SE — and it’s a 4-inch device designed for people who simply love smaller iPhones. It’s packing a whole lot of horsepower that makes it the “most powerful 4-inch phone ever”.

At the heart of the iPhone SE (pronounced “essay” apparently) sits Apple’s powerful A9 chip and M9 motion coprocessor. This means that the device has the same amount of performance as their iPhone 6s flagship device. This 4-inch smartphone also features Apple’s Retina display, boasting a pixel density of 326 ppi.


That’s a mighty little device if we’ve ever seen one. What’s more, the iPhone SE will pack the excellent 12-megapixel iSight camera with Focus Pixels and a True Tone flash. To ensure the best camera experience, the iPhone SE also sports the A9’s new image signal processor which should ensure excellent photos. On the front though, things aren’t so pretty as the FaceTime HD camera is only capable of taking 1.2-megapixel images.

One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard from our readers (and apparently every other iPhone 5s customer) was its terrible battery life. Well the iPhone SE is supposed to bring an improvement to battery performance, despite all that extra horsepower, which should keep you running for longer.

It also has support for, faster LTE (50% faster than iPhone 5s), VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and faster 802.11ac WiFi connectivity. It’s also got Touch ID to ensure your device is secure, plus help you unlock and access your smartphone with just a tap of your finger.


What is missing is Apple’s 3D Touch, which seems to have been abandoned for the iPhone SE. In terms of looks, the device does look almost exactly like the old iPhone 5s which perhaps speaks to Apple’s efforts and desire in their recycling devices.

If you’re interested, the iPhone SE will go on sale on 31st March (with preorders beginning 24th March) with prices starting at USD399 (around RM1,611) for the 16GB model and USD499 (around RM2,015) for the 64GB model. In Singapore, the smartphone will go for SGD658 (around RM1,955) for the 16GB model and SGD828 for the 64GB model (around RM2,460).

The first wave of iPhone SE devices will hit several countries including Singapore, but for us folks in Malaysia, you can expect it to arrive latest by the end of May as Apple rolls its device out to over 110 countries.

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9 Comments for The Apple iPhone SE is the most powerful 4-inch phone ever


Can't wait for it !


This will be an awkward period of time of transition for iPhone 6 owners with Apple's 6s as a flagship. You've got a power house big screen on one hand, and on the other a powerhouse but with a smaller screen. What does that leave the iPhone 6 with? Underpowered(Not underpowered per say but a lesser being compared to the 5SE and 6S) but a big screen? How will they place the iPhone 7 next? So I'm guessing by this year end, their lineup will be the 5SE, 6S and 7? Such a peculiar lineup of three different numbers. Apple I think has made wrong decisions in their planning. I think I can say, Steve Jobs in truly rolling in his grave. I cannot believe that Apple just did a device refresh as though it were nothing. They literally just upped the spec of the 5S. Although I will remain an avid Apple Person, what a shame this new direction the company decided to take. Almost feels like Samsung.


    It's about tapping the mid range market that Apple never did before.
    Given the stagnant trend of the sales of their current line-up, I think It's a wise move to try and see if they can maintain their momentum with their bestsellers.

    5S, Xperia Z compact or Aquous mini size phones sell like hot cakes in Japan here.


      Fair point, however why stick to this body though? This is very un-apple like. I mean, come on Apple! Did they just create a carbon copy of the 5/5s? Where's the innovation?? The least they could've done was up the body. They could've based it on the iPhone 6 body instead of choosing a body which is 2 years old.


        My speculations:
        – Cut cost measurement by retaining the same design & dimension details, thus offering competitive MSRP
        – If ain't broken, don't fix it thingy

        SE selling points: single-hand friendly size, latest hardware (except display) with cheaper price tag

        Design look is very subjective that it can't please anyone, so business decisions always come first.
        After all this SE offers another choice for many potential non-apple users that would like to own for the first time. Current 6/6s owners can wait for the real next iteration on Sep as usual.

        PS: I don't work for Apple, just giving out rational POV lol and cheers.


    you probably didn't know Apple pricing strategies, It's already March, when september came out new model then iPhone 6s and 6s plus will drop price, iphone 6 and 6plus become dinasour, and iphone se will remain the same price.

    When september came, A9 chips will be the lowest model that Apple offer


    Apple just replace current 5S with SE (including pricing structure). Why would 5SE, 6S and 7 is a strange lineup? Current lineup 6S, 6 & 5S is fine.

    I believe Apple did a market research that shows 5S owner reluctant to upgrade to 6S (with typical 2 years upgrade cycle) due to its size


Why no 32gb storage? 16gb only enough for basic use while the 64gb version is 'quite expensive'.


For Apple, they save cost by recycling the excess of the discontinued 5/5S chassis and fit in 6s internals. How irony, people may say that this might be their dream iPhone yet.
However, it is also sad that they highlight on the back camera improvement and didn't say anything on the front camera as they know that there are no improvement been made (still that low budget 1.2MP front shooter).