Instagram will optimise its feed to what matters to you


According to instagram, most users will miss an average of 70% of their feeds. As users tend to follow more instagram accounts by the day, it can get really cluttered. As a result, it is harder to keep up with posts that are more relevant to you.

To tackle this better, Instagram in their official blog had announced that a new feed optimisation is on the way and you can see this in the coming months.

According to them, your feed will be sorted based on what they think will matter to you. So you’re likely to see posts that are more relevant to your interest, relationship and time priotised ahead of everything else. Once implemented, they promise that all posts will be there, just that it will be displayed in a different order. So whenever you launch instagram, you should be seeing your favourite artist, friends and favourite foodpornstar pics first.

In short, this means your instagram timeline will not be shown in chronological order which is pretty much like Facebook. Twitter recently has started to implement a similar algorithm but at least there’s an option to turn it off. Instagram says that they will take their time to get this right and they will be open for feedback along the way.

What do you think? Would you let instagram prioritise your feed or do you prefer to catch up in the current time-based order?


Alexander Wong