Man orders unlocked iPhone 6s online gets a shocking surprise instead

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iPhone 6s 11street padlock

Remember that guy that ordered his Nexus 6P from Lazada? Here comes another shocking story and, this time, it involves a brand new iPhone 6s.

A guy had ordered a brand new iPhone 6s 16GB through 11street’s shocking deals. For less than RM3,000, that’s a pretty good deal considering it retails originally for RM3,199. A few days later, he had a shocking discovery as he opened the brand new box.


Instead of a gold iPhone 6s, the box contained nothing but a padlock strapped in the middle as shown above. Obviously angry and frustrated, he shared his situation on Facebook which has garnered over 2,500 shares so far.


The surprising part is the box looks legit with a full shrink-wrap and there’s even a Brightstar Distribution label at the back. How on earth did an iPhone in a sealed box turn into a padlock? Something must have happened between the distribution and the delivery.


Fortunately, the folks at 11street had responded within 24 hours and they wasted no time to arrange a replacement unit. 11street says that they take fraud cases very seriously and this is obviously a criminal offence.

To protect buyers, they have an ESCROW system in place where it will not release payment to the seller until the buyer is fully satisfied with their purchase. Being happy with the recovery, the affected customer had placed another iPhone 6s order from the same seller. As for the padlock, it has been returned for further police investigation.

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13 Comments for Man orders unlocked iPhone 6s online gets a shocking surprise instead


Even the padlock is not unlocked as what the title stated ahahah!

Justasee Esaifan

That's a lot of tape… Perfect for lifting fingerprints!


"Being happy with the recovery, the same customer had also bought a second unit from the same seller."

what does this mean?????


    The "victim" ordered another iPhone from the same seller on 11street. We've edited for clarity.


What if the customer is the cheat?


    ya oh! what if he made it all up then he easily got buy one free one!!! clever bastard!


what if all of these is being staged?


just another marketing gimmick…


rm3000 wasn't a small amount, things with that price better buy 'one hand give cash, one hand receive goods' at proper shop.

Working Adult

Sounds very dodgy indeed… not bad, buy one, remove the phone, strap in something simple, complain like hell and get another unit free…


yeah.. cannot confirmed whether the original one was sealed or not..
he only managed to take pics AFTER the box is opened..
wow.. I also can do that too lor.. buy something expensive and take picture of an opened box..
then claim for being scammed by online seller.


and some more.. maybe la..the SKYNET is the culprit.. they changed the item inside..and seal it.
but from the pics we cannot know how authentic the seal is.

I heard long time ago some courier service changed item (a brand new laptop) inside with a pile of stones.
and after investigation by Police.. it was done by the inside from courier guy .


is FREE marketing guys!