Leica teams up with Huawei to ‘reinvent’ smartphone photography


We’re taking more photos in recent times than we’ve ever taken before and all of that is thanks to the excellent imaging capabilities of the smartphone. Coupled with an easy user interface and simple controls, literally anyone can take a photograph.

While this is good news for users, the traditional camera market is taking a big hit and it will take some pretty drastic measures for even the legends like Leica to remain strong.

When people move on to something better, it usually means one of two things for the existing players in the dying market — move forward or be left behind. Simple but painful decisions must be made to keep with the times and it looks like Leica have bitten the proverbial bait and taken their first step into the new world.

Leica needs no introduction. Anyone who has even a remote interest in photography or cameras would have probably heard of this legendary brand. Some of the most iconic images in the world were shot on the revolutionary 35mm Leica I — the first truly viable 35mm camera in the world. It revolutionised photography, leading it to the most popular film format ever, the same format “full-frame” DSLRs take photos in.

One of the old guards, they’re now teaming up with the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, Huawei, to bring their expertise to the mobile market.

What does this partnership mean?

Well, we hope, better smartphone cameras. Huawei has proven that they can build premium devices, but I’ve always felt that their cameras leave some to be desired. Now with Leica though, they might have just shored up one of their bigger weaknesses with one of the biggest names in photography.

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That said, I find it a little much to think that they would be able to “reinvent” something that has almost been perfected by manufacturers like Samsung and Microsoft. But, if anyone was going to do it, I think Leica has a pretty good shot.

Either way, I’m excited to see some red dot branded smartphone cameras in the near future. Are you? Let us know what you think in the comments below. If you’d like a brief history lesson in photography, check out this video by COOPH.