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Hype up the Year of the Monkey with these 8 red devices

Prosperity comes in red packages — this post is presented to you by Yes.

Yet another new year has begun, can you feel it? Well, you would definitely have heard it because malls, stores, and even some restaurants have been playing festive songs all month long.

Lively music wasn’t the only thing that came with the Year of the Monkey, red/gold decorations have also adorned every nook and cranny of nearly every building. To commemorate the new year, you will also undoubtedly want to deck yourself out in red coloured gear. But, where do you start?

Well, if you’re interested in tech, here’s a list of 8 different gadgets that will surely give you that ong glow.

1. Apple iPod



Apple’s iPod is a classic. One of the most iconic music players of our generation. Sure their popularity has dropped somewhat with the fact that smartphones can do almost everything, but if you’re taking that into account, every piece of tech has been somewhat affected. The iPod remains an icon though, and if you pick up the touch variant you get access to Apple’s App Store too.

What’s more, this red variant of the iPod is under (PRODUCT)RED, where every piece of merchandise sold under this banner will contribute to the global fight against AIDS.

2. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank (10,000 mAh)



If you want something affordable and red for the new year, look no further than Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. Their popular 10,000 mAh Mi Power Bank also comes in a shade of red that will make anyone blush…if you reflect light off it onto someone’s face. It’s a capable little power bank and that has a wide capacity and a wide compatibility for large range of devices.

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3. Logitech M337 Bluetooth mouse



Mice are great. Unless they’re of the pest variant, of course. The Logitech M337 is a capable little pointer that is compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and even Android. It’s a tiny little mouse that can fit in the palm of any hand (unless you’re baby Groot) and as a result is very easy to carry around. Plus it’s wireless and Bluetooth so all you really need is the mouse and your laptop/device.

4. UE Boom


One of our favourite Bluetooth speakers yet. The UE Boom solidly built and produces a great sound. Plus, it’s water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about accidental spills damaging your precious soda can speaker. It’s so well built in fact that we reckon you could get away with a spot of bowling with it. We don’t recommend that of course, so do so at your own risk.

5. Apple Watch


Everyone’s (?) favourite watch finally arrived in Malaysia recently and it comes in a special red colour to usher in the Lunar New Year. But as with all limited/exclusive devices, it is only available for a limited time, so if you want one of these, be sure to snatch one up before 22 February.

6. ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser


Ah a red smartphone! The ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser is ASUS’s attempt at slapping a laser autofocus system on a budget/midrange smartphone. While it will get you through daily tasks perfectly fine, don’t expect to be blown away by unbelievable value for money. It’s still a solid device though, and that curved red back plate is pretty nice to hold.

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7. Sony High-Resolution Audio Player Walkman A25



Perhaps the other most iconic music player after the iPod is Sony’s Walkman. What started out as a simple cassette player that is almost permanently strapped to anyone’s belt in the era before CDs and digital downloads, has eventually graduated to a full-fledged digital audio player. Here’s one that plays Hi-Res Audio looking pretty slick in red. What’s more, they come with a pair of pink in-ear headphones.

8. Yes Huddle XS 4G Mobile Hotspot


What’s the point in having so many red connected devices if you can’t get connected? Well, Yes has the solution for you. Yes, the Yes Huddle XS 4G Mobile Hotspot is a nifty little mobile broadband that lets you share your connection with up to 5 devices/users. What’s more, it’s tiny and discreet so you can carry it around with you with ease. It’s also got a long 6-hour battery life which will help keep you connected for longer. What’s more, Yes has an 85% population coverage nationwide, enabling Malaysians to stay connected anytime and anywhere across the country.

Plus, if you sign up for their Super 88 Postpaid Plan with Huddle XS bundle that offers you a whopping 11GB of data for only RM88 a month, you can get the Huddle XS MiFi unit for free. Yup, absolutely free. This promotion is only available from now until 31 March 2016 though, so you’d better hurry up if you wanna capitalise on the deal. For more information on this deal, head on over here or to their promo page.

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