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Microsoft acquires SwiftKey


SwiftKey, the popular on-screen keyboard has just been acquired by Microsoft. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, SwiftKey and its SDK are being used in over 300 million devices worldwide. Microsoft’s focus is in its predictive technology and it goes in line with their ambition to develop intelligent systems for greater productivity.

For its current users, nothing will change as SwiftKey will continue to be available for free to Android and iOS. Development for the keyboard is still on-going but soon they will integrate its technology onto Microsoft’s own Word Flow keyboard. In case you missed it, Word Flow was a Guinness World Record holder and Microsoft is working on making it available for iOS users very soon.

With SwiftKey on-board, Word Flow is just going to get better and Microsoft will share more updates in the months to come. According to them, SwiftKey users have saved about 10 trillion keystrokes across 100 different languages, which saves over 100,000 years of combined typing time. Let’s see if they can break Fleksy’s typing record.


Amin Ashaari