Here’s proof that the Facebook app is bad for your smartphone


A week back we gave you 5 reasons why you should ditch the Facebook app and while the reasons were substantial and logical, there was never any math involved. Nothing was really based on hard research at that time.

Now a Reddit user going by the name “pbrandes_eth” has drawn up a scientific approach to see how the Facebook app “kills” your device. And the evidence says pretty much the same thing.

Many have called it a hogger of resources when installed, bugs out and sometimes just fails to work. Facebook hasn’t even changed the looks of the app since material design is all the rage now – with Marshmallow in play.


Monitoring how detrimental the Facebook app is on an LG G4, the Reddit user used DiscoMark’s benchmark and ran 13 test – with and without Facebook – to see the differences in performance. After the tests, he found that there was a 15% performance difference. That’s hard facts, no placebo nonsense.

It’s pretty obvious that adding/removing any app on your device is going to affect the performance of the CPU but the fact is, why is an app that is only 39MB in size, accounting for such a big gap in performance? We can only think of the bloated coding that was mentioned by a Facebook engineer in the past.


A realisation hit me that our reliance on Facebook goes much deeper than just social interactions. ‘Cause if it wasn’t for Zuckerberg, there would be many happy memories forgotten. Posing me to think that if we have to rely on it, at least, be smart of how to make it more efficient – or, at least, make our own experience with the social media platform better.

Well, now you have it, don’t want your smartphone to be handicapped further than it usually is, uninstall the Facebook app and use it on your browser instead.

Want to try out this experiment yourself? You can download the DiscoMark app for Android here. Do share your results with us!

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