Microsoft’s iOS keyboard may have the most brilliant one-handed typing solution yet


Earlier we reported on the fact that the Windows Phone Word Flow keyboard from Microsoft was coming to iOS very soon. Word had it that Microsoft was sending out invites to selected people to try out their new Word Flow keyboard for iOS, targeting users of the iPhone 5S or higher.

Well, sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans have revealed to the Verge that the new Word Flow keyboard will feature a unique one-handed typing experience that will surely appeal to fans of both iOS and Word Flow.

While most keyboards, the Windows Phone version of Word Flow included, have support for one-handed typing — mighty useful on the phablets of today. But, while other one-handed typing modes resemble squashed keyboards, this one fans out.

Yup, it can be anchored either on the right or the left side of the device, but then it fans out in a quarter-circle shape which is supposed to make it easier for users to swipe/type one-handed with their thumb. That makes sense if you pick up your phone and try to type on it with one hand. Reaching the Q button was always a stretch, but now it seems a lot more plausible.

Other than the one-handed mode, everything else seems to be every similar to the Windows Phone version. You have access to word suggestions, emoji and swipe letters.

We’re definitely interested in trying this out. It seems the trend of Microsoft making better apps for other people is continuing with their record-breaking keyboard. Let us know what you think about this layout in the comments section below.

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