Can Uber replace your car?

Day 4



Friday is here and although I didn’t have any plans for the night I was happy to finish off the week on a good note. Thankfully after going through the crazy two past days that was filled with problems, day four was clean, painless and not bothersome. It took less than five minutes for me to get into the car for both rides and the driver’s opened up after we exchanged a few questions.

Starting to see that the navigation system in the Uber app isn’t reliable as it keeps directing people into an alley that doesn’t exist when requesting from the office. I’ll be letting Uber know regarding the mapping and we’ll see if they manage to fix the issue. Rides started to feel like second nature and on this day, I never felt that I should’ve taken my car instead of Uber-ing.

Number of rides: 2
In total: RM 23.92



It’s Friyay! That means heading into town and painting it red — on most Fridays anyway. Uber really shined in this department. While I didn’t take a ride into town after work, opting to take the train because KL at rush hour (duh), and meeting up with my buddies at a restaurant we had booked. After dinner we headed to a quiet little watering hole and at a touch of a button, an uberXL was ready to ferry us through the jam. Super dope.

After we’ve had our fill of multicoloured liquids, another tap at 2 am brought another uberXL to send us home. It was awesome not to have to drive home in the dead of night. You can actually chill and just enjoy the open roads without struggling to keep your eyes open. Definitely a welcomed change.


Getting a ride in the morning was not longer than my usual 15-20 minutes, and getting a ride in the heart of KL wasn’t difficult either, so kudos to Uber today. It was annoying that when we were heading back after our visit to the watering hole, I wanted to drop my friend off at her house before heading home but my driver ended the trip and started a new one before asking me which means I had to pay an extra base fee. He said that he didn’t know that he could just leave it on because he was new. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and let it slide.

Number of rides: 5
In Total: RM106.42