Can Uber replace your car?

Day 2



Ahh, the refreshing experience of not having to drive was already starting to kick in. Day two began on a good note. The partner was extremely nice and we talked about stuff that mattered to us. I’m starting to realise all this human interaction has its perks. Compared to being cooped up alone driving by myself. Although, I had to wait for Surge pricing to cool down first which wasted a good 20 minutes.

But the day went stagnant and downhill from there. I’ll try to put this lightly as possible. So when I requested my (assumed) final ride for the day, I was happy that it was a nice car – Honda Insight Hybrid – but little did I know the driver was going through an emergency.

So the guy tells me he has to take a call when I first get into the car. I say sure go head. He ends up talking on the phone for more than 10 minutes. I tell him I’m cancelling the ride and getting out. He’s shocked but lets me go anyway. In the middle of the ordeal, he apologised and went back to his call.

If I was him, I would’ve not accepted my Uber request in the first place. I would’ve taken some personal time and turned off the app. And I would’ve at least told my passenger that they should cancel the ride – once he realised it was taking too long. He did none of the above.

Not long after my second Uber car came and I got in. I passed the first driver on our way out. Shafiq (my actual ride home) was a champ. We exchanged stories about tech and life till he dropped me home. Awesome guy that truly deserved five stars.

Uber refunded my cancellation fee of RM 5 after I brought up the situation to them.

Number of rides: 2 (but had to request 3)
In total: RM 19.56



Day two was a much nicer experience. The drivers were friendlier and the driving was a whole lot more comfortable too. But, when I ordered my ride to head home from the office the application crashed on me which resulted in the ride being cancelled.

When I finally got to launch the app again, the ride request went through and it was the same driver I got when the ride was cancelled — the only problem was he just went past the building. So, he had to stop in the emergency lane and slowly reverse his way back up. Sorry, Robert!

Number of rides: 2
In total: RM70.86