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Acer Predator 8 Review: Made for fun



One of the first of its kind, the Acer Predator 8 is essentially the one of the world firsts in terms of tablets built for gaming. Sporting a unique shape, build and gaming-centric capabilities, we take a look at Acer’s gaming tablet.

Design and build


As far as the design and build go, the Predator 8 isn’t your bog standard tablet. Coming in at about 8 inches in size, the tablet has a rather unique shape; with four front-facing speakers (called the Predator Quadio) with one situated at each corner of the tablet.

The tablet is surprisingly light considering how chunky it looks and how solid it feels; weighing in at a paltry 350g with the battery in.


The sides are also shaped in a way that you have a decent place to grip without your hands getting in the way of said speakers if you want to play games in landscape mode. One minor gripe is the placement of its microUSB port at the top of the device as the charging cable will get in the way if you are playing games while charging.

The rear of the device is home to a brushed metal plate with the Predator logo on it and is the only bit of the tablet that is made of solid metal. The rest of the Predator 8 is made of a combination of plastic and rubber that only simulates that metal finish but still looks good regardless. Due to its unique shape you probably won’t find many 3rd party cases for it, unfortunately, but a few do exist.


Also, we feel we need to mention that this is the first (compact) gaming tablet that has a form of haptic feedback called the Predator TacSense. There are two haptic motors, with one placed on each side.

So depending on the games you are playing it might vibrate to your actions, even the startup screen has the tablet buzzing to the logo. We do notice that the tactile feedback doesn’t apply to all games, though, only those which have been tweaked to have the feature in the first place.